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  1. A

    Seeking Mentor

    I'm Aiden Berry and I am looking for a mentor to help me prepare for joining the Marines. I am also hoping to be selected for MARSOC or Force Recon. I am 16 years old, in my junior year of highschool, and I'm a varsity rower for my crew team.
  2. A

    Seeking mentor

    Seeking mentor for MARSOC
  3. Erik3521

    Prior Service Marine Tattoo Waiver Question

    Good Evening, As a prior service Marine, I will be finishing my bachelor's degree in about a year and a half. I have been out of the Corps since June 2019, and have started a leg sleeve tattoo. Would putting a package in to be a prior-enlisted Marine officer be futile? Not sure if anyone has...
  4. Aingeal Dorcha

    .Question I haven't seen answered about Marsoc

    Hi all in 9 days I'm going to be meeting with a marine recruiter and starting the enlistment process. My question is I know in the Marine Corps your job is up to the needs of the Corps. If I want more challenge/adventure I may think of attempting indoc for marsoc/recon. This being said can your...
  5. S

    USMC OCS question on getting dropped

    It looks like I'll be pretty much set to attend PLC Sophomores this summer. I do think that I will be physically ready (sub 21 minute 3 mile run, 25 pull ups, and 100+ crunches by June/July), academically there shouldn't be any issues either, and I doubt I'd do anything that would even result in...
  6. S

    3 Mile Timed Run

    I'm medically set for PLC this summer. However, my 3 mile timed run isn't very good. I can max out the pull-ups and the crunches. The run is at 25:30 though. The issue is that I had been strength training and bulking for the past year so my cardio had gone to shit. I was able to reach a 455...
  7. S

    .Aviator to MARSOC

    I'm currently getting a Computer Science degree from a school that's 1 tier below an Ivy League and am looking to start USMC PLC for 6 weeks this summer on an aviation contract (just awaiting some medical clearances). Now, I know this question is a long ways down the road, however, how realistic...
  8. N


    I have a simple question. I have been really interested in becoming a SARC with the NAVY for a couple years and was told that that is part of the SF community. Does anyone here know realistically if it will be possible for me to become a SARC if I’m enlisting at 32 into the NAVY with no prior...
  9. Aingeal Dorcha

    Need Help(Planning To Go To Marine Recon)

    Hello throughout my life I knew I was going to join the military and didn't know what I wanted to join/do. Being the fact my father was Army I always thought I wanted to join Army and do something infantry oriented/anything involving combat I didn't want any rear echelon mos. About a year ago I...
  10. Art Vandelay

    .RECON questions i have not seen answered and a personal question

    After debating between which SOF i wanted to get a contract for i finally settled on RECON. I have been contemplating this decision for a while and finally decided there's no time like the present to go for it. I ship out in December with a decent chance that my ship date is moved to October...
  11. G

    .Quick Question (paging any Recruiters)

    Hey guys, So I’m meeting with a Marine Recruiter on Monday to get all my paperwork going to possibly begin my life as a Marine serving in the reserves until I finish school, then can hopefully have an easy process switching over to active. I love the idea of being a Marine. I would also like to...
  12. K

    .4th Force Recon Questions - Non-prior Service

    Good evening all, I am currently a civilian living in New Jersey but I am making the move to Hawaii in two weeks. I am very interested in joining the 4th Force Recon Company in Hawaii, and have been training for this for about a year now. I have a few specific questions that I haven't been able...
  13. A


    My name is Austin, I'm currently an 0802 Artillery Officer in the Marine Corps. I have a school seat for MARSOC A&S convening next month. While my preparation has been solid, I'm here to glean advice and refinement to take my training to the next level for my final few weeks. Thanks for...
  14. S


    Good morning, afternoon, evening to everyone on this forum. I've been researching Special Operations for quite some time now, and have read/heard things about it, but as always, "never believe what you read on the internet." Hopefully by being on this site I can get solid facts about the career...
  15. J


    Hello all! My name is Joe. I'm glad to have stumbled across this site because it shows a wonderful plethora of information along with having actual people to talk and learn from rather than documents. For those who don't know me (which is all of you most likely lol) I'm 16, a Boy Scout on the...
  16. leonrazurado

    .A paper written on Reserve Recon

    Written by Major Brooks. Never met him and never heard of him. There are some interesting points, namely establishing a pipeline for Reconnaissance students, and allowing more funding for training time for reserve units to better prepare for deployments, etc…...


    Howdy y'all, My name is Paul, I'm currently a senior at the University of Texas at Austin -- graduating and commissioning in the Spring of 2017. I am studying to receive a B.A. in Government, Pre-Law (International Relations and Security concentration) and a minor in History (Concentration in...
  18. FacFortia

    To Prep or Not to Prep... That is the Question.

    Good morning gentlemen, I've been preparing for boot and BRC since I received approval from my SNCOIC to contract Recon a few months ago. Last night I was looking through a thread where SOF members were telling their stories of how they became badasses in their respective branch, and after...