An Example of Utterly Useless "Intelligence"

It's like reading a horoscope..."Something will happen to you today, it may be good or it may be bad. It could possibly involve another person, or it could just be you. You will also find yourself to be happy or sad today, or you may at times just not GAS either way. In spite of these circumstances you will find yourself where you are at any given time of the day. You may also find yourself thinking about things at various times."
If I'm to be quite honest, the perception around the world now is that America is borderline tolitarian now and has lost their marbles in general.
Agree, but the irony of the world getting pissy because we are finally acting like the socialist country they thought we should be.
Some of us have that perception here as well.

That's actually quite nice to know because often I've noticed a lot of Americans- on forums, I must admit- have the "we MUST be secure no matter the cost" attitude going on. Which IMO is wrong.
The world isn't risk free. So how much are you willing to pay to minimize a diminishing risk and one which was statistically low?
How much "security theatre" are you willing to indulge in, which the new 9/11 threat IMO definitely is?
Prob ref to honey trap. :D


(OPE/JIPOE+ISR) + (F3EAD+TRAP) = Happy Warfighter.

OK so we've got Operational Preparation of the Environment, Joint Intelligence Prep of the Environment, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Find/Fix/Finish/Exploit/Analyze/Disseminate... and I've got nothing for TRAP. I would add though that some will say that OPE, JIPOE, and ISR are all elements of F3EAD anyway and you don't need to list them separately.
You guys have too many acronyms. You should fire the guys who make them up, would save you billions per year.
I see the Intel Geeks have a thread the rest of us must tap out of like the Troll and other Bravos with their precision shooting threads.

Time to go rally the Comm/ IT Geeks.
Or the medics! I say rally the medics. We are the best at everything, including your mom, and yeah everyone enjoys reading about others problems.