Been working on a Combat Uniform...

Thanks Grim, I have two shops sewing now; one for CONUS orders and one for international orders to cut turnaround time. Offering the options that we do keeps us from stocking the shelves, but we have them mostly done... up to the point of customization. We're out about 8-10 days on orders now.
We now offer the SOU's in Ripstop Flame Resistant Multicam, Woodland Camo, and 3-color Desert. Showed the fabric sample to some SF I was with on on a range on Friday and they said it was much lighter then the FR they had now. Expensive, but very lightweight.
Nice work on the shirt and pants.
Love the velcro strip at the bottom of the pants, something that should have been implemented long ago on a variety of tac-wear.
It's nice to see someone who still takes pride in their work and has the imagination and inclination to get off their butt and do the job.

I'm wondering if you've considered having a go at some head wear?

For years when I was out in the bush I wore a Kenyan made camo, peaked sun cap, with sides and a neck that folded down a few inches to provide sun protection for the ears and back of the neck.
I used it for so long it eventually just fell to pieces.

The modern day baseball cap or Marine style cap doesn't offer the ears and back of the neck any sun protection at all.
And I refuse to wear a wide brimmed hat in the bush or forest because I lose upper side vision.

The closest I've found to the old Kenyan cap is this:

Note that they are out of stock of the cap anyway.

The Kenyan cap folded down far enough back from the peak that it left your side vision unobscured.
If you were laying down or sitting in the sun for hours your ears and neck remained sunburn free.
(The Foreign Legion Kepi sun flap is too long and blows around in a breeze. So that's not a good style to copy. Same for the longer flap civilian sun caps.)

The Kenyan cap was not a one size fits all item, it was a 54/55 head width, and the fold down part was two thickness thick, which is why it stayed up when folded around the sides and back. I guess velcro or pop studs would help keep the flap secure as well.

These are winter caps but the design is similar.

It irks me that the modern day military cap doesn't offer any ear or neck protection.

Maybe something for you to consider in the future.

Keep up the good work.
Interesting comments Konan... I was actually in Galveston on Labor Day with my kids and saw a guy wearing a hat with ear and neck shade. I meant to ask him where he got it, but never did. Just found it. Is this what you're thinking? I see the benefits of making/offering/having a hat like this, and it's size adjustable which is even better.
The one in your pic would get the job done, but the flap doesn't fold up around the cap for times when you don't need the flap.
Having the flap fold up looks a lot neater when you're back at base and walking around out of the sun.
I think the link I put up showing the dark blue hunter's cap, with the sides able to be folded up, would be ideal in a summer weight offering.

But having said that, the one in your pic does have the advantage of being adjustable, which my old Kenyan cap did not.
I'd certainly wear the one in the pic as opposed to a cap with no side or back of neck protection if I was working in the sun all day. The flap doesn't look as long as you see on a lot of the beach/surf sun caps, which is good.
I expect a couple of velcro tabs would hold the flap up, if the wearer wished.

I much prefer a soft, shapeless crown, as opposed to the stiffened, high crown of most baseball caps.
A soft crown eventually settles into your head shape, and thus is more comfortable. Breaks up the head profile more than a stiff crowned cap also.
Plus it makes washing easier.
I don't know what the brim of my cap was made of, but it got a good soaking numerous times and never lost its shape.

The one in your pic would be ideal in hot desert/jungle environments.
Made in disruptive patterns to match whatever colour shirts and pants, it could be a useful piece of kit.

I'll leave it with you.
Happy to field test a sample one if you get around to designing any. :-)
SOU (Special Ops Uniform) Pants
Comfortable elastic waistband eliminates the need for adjusting tabs or tying off drawstrings, reinforced flat bottom edge of hip pockets for clip on knives or multi-tools, wide beltloops make the waist very comfortable, beltloops positioned on sides to securely support drop leg holster, slight rise above the rear beltloop, larger rear pockets for dumping empty mags, 3-button cargo pockets w/hidden front zippers for access while kneeling or while riding in a vehicle, elastic magazine holder inside cargo pockets, Lower calf pocket, pocket above the cargo's in front, velcro ankle cuff for securing over boots, gussetted crotch.
Bahaha, to my shame I just realized I necro posted a reply to the Troll from 2011.... I blame Boon and his crap widgets not linking to the last page automatically.

It's really good for pack straps that are going to be worn over vests etc as it wont pill like airmesh does, you can stretch it over certain areas to put pre curve on something. I did make some chaps that had articulated knees as well for pig hunters but they are still going through T&E and to be honest are probably a bit out there for that market.