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Jul 30, 2008
Wrong side of heaven, righteous side of hell
So I need a new pair of boots so I asked santa for Corcorans and guess what. My wife, I mean santa came through and I got the field boots / U.P.S. delivered to the house in a large box labled CORCORAN, much to the wifes shagrin. I have the orginals but I WILL not wear them because they are too pretty. Just figured I share because I felt like it. }:-)

Of all the boots available you get the ones that require spit shine and melted shoe polish. :uhh: I thought you where done with that shit long ago Bro' }:-)

Nice boots none the less though. I cherish mine.
Thanks all for the suggestions. I wear Thorogoods now but they are beat. They lasted over 10 years. I decided on the field boots for the beating they take plus they hold a good shine, which I am o.k. with. Red Wings are good boots but I never thought of that. Danners I use for USAR but I am not crazy about them.

I've got Danner Marine hot weather boots and a pair of Bellevilles, but those Corcorans are great boots. They make a Desert Marauder boot that's real nice.
...Red Wings are good boots but I never thought of that...

I have been wearing these at the FD since I started as a probie in 1990 (gone thru a few pairs.) Great boots and you can purchase lace in zippers for them too...

Damn, I should of came to you guys before asking for the boots. I would have went with the Red Wings.:doh::doh: Oh, well, Corcorans are still very cool and comfy to me. I do not do the firefighter thing anymore since my accident and recon. knee. I just do the Paramedicine thing now, so not that much of a beating I guess.;)

I wore the Warrington Pro 10" structural boot (Model 3007) around the firehouse (now I ride in them). I liked having boots on that were fire rated in case something happened to my leathers. They were both my station boots and my backup the 3007's held a nice shine and were comfy. Since the fucking NFPA changed its requirements, Warrington stopped making them...and I'm certainly not going to wear the ugly ass 'replacements' (Model 3006). Guess if I go back on the job I'll buy the 3003s because I trust Warrington to make a great durable boot.

I have used these going on 2 years now. I have REALLY bad knees and they are the most comfortable boots I have EVER used. I can be on my feet most of the day and if I had anything else I would be in a wheel chair by the end of the day but with theese atleast all I need is some meds and soaking in water until the swelling and pain go away. THese are the best for concrete as well, they will also dye them a diff color if you want for like 30 dollars. When I get my saftey award from the state each year I make sure to buy atleast 1 pair but I havn't used the first pair up. My stepdad has the other pair I got. If I stay with the state through april then I plan to buy prolly 2 more pair to keep for whatever.
I have a pair of 5.11s (desert tan) with a zipper side, soft as cloud cushion inside with a tread that I've never slipped a step on. Through snow, rain, mud and heat I've had them since July 09