Canadian SOF image compilation.


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Jan 15, 2009
MB, Winnipeg
We all know its a rare thing to see any images of Canadian Special Forces in action but once in awhile a photo or two will emerge. So I'm making this thread so members can post related images they may find on the web. :)

So if you got photos of CSOR or JTF2 please post them up here. old or new..

JTF2 Assaulter fireing off a few rounds


JTF2 in Haiti

JTF2 excercise
you dont happen to know what plate carrier that is and what the set up is as that is one sweet vest
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as far as JTF2 go-our most secretive guys-have the best publicity shots!! yeah-go figure. the 4th pic looks like my living room:)
but still-i enjoy the pics!!
LMAO-you nut!!
I have a wine rack from IKEA-took me all day to put it together. The big screen and surround sound are in the corner that you dont see:)

I dont know where you guys find these great pics but love to see them.



Secret squirrels are seen near a Chinook helicopter which carries the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay, after his visiting the Canadian soldiers part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) based in Kandahar at the base of a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in the southern city of Kandahar, Monday, Jan. 8, 2007. Kandahar is one of the troubled provinces of Afghanistan, which used to be Taliban's main headquarters during their fundamentalist regime that were kicked out of power by U.S. forces in late 2001.


You SOF folks are so f'ing awesome. I want to join the army for this and only this. Anybody in Canadian SF with pull that can just bring me into the fold? send me a pm.. please? lol... I just think I could do it is all... *sigh*

Is it a difficult or long process to get to at least the point of consideration for testing for special forces within the Canadian military? Generally speaking.

Anyways, I really envy you guys. I would love that life of adventure (and a little bit of danger). I feel like I was made for this, and right now, I'm rotting away in a cubicle. I'm almost ashamed of myself.

Well, enough of that sob story, I'M PROUD OF YOU. All of you mil folks. If the general population ever gives you a hard time, just think of this nobody and be on your merry way. :D

PS. thanks for the pics!!
Ok, enough of the ass kicking. If you think you have what it takes then just join. If you make it through your basic and QL3 then you still have wait minimum 2 years before you can apply for a position to be an Assaulter or an Operator. After that you need to conduct and pass many tests before you can even get put on a selection. Once AP is over and you have stayed with it for the whole time, then you will be considered for a position for the course. Once selected for course you will have to complete a 6 months (CSOR Operators course also known as SOBQ) or a 10 month (JTF-2 Assualters course also known as SOAC). If and that's a BIG if you complete it then you will be offered a position within these prestigious units. I'm sick and fucking tired of people saying "Can you just pull me into the unit I know I can do a good job".

Thanks for the reply, and the quick run down. So looks like a good 5 years, and BIG IFs.

Also, I was saying "pull me in" purely in jest. I'm sorry, I didn't think of what everybody else says before I posted... Or how that comment would be taken, since it wasn't serious... Obviously it's (more than) hard work and not for everybody. Otherwise you wouldn't be "special", right. ;)

anyways, I didn't mean to irk you by the comment. Like I said, I respect what you do/have done. Road to get where you are and all. I will also never say it again. Jokes or not. And honestly, thanks for the reply.