Canadian SOF image compilation.

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I came across this photo online and it looks like they're wearing CADPAT . I can't tell if they are CANSOF or if they are Danish SOF wearing flecktarn because it's kinda hard to differentiate between the two when viewed at a distance. I though I'd post it and get some feedback from you guys

It is a picture of ordinary Danish army medics. You Can even see the Danish flag on the guy to the Rights shoulder.




...a few more photos and a video here.
Dang, I couldn't edit my last post. anyway I wanted to post one more image of CSOR.

It's a painting called "Ghost Warriors" done by some dude. his paintings can be purchased at a website.

The dude is me. Roger Chabot, Veteran and War Artist. This gicclee on canvas Limite Edition is available in my website. I was commissioned by the first CO of CSOR to create this painting. It is a composition based on a pictures that I took while accompanying the unit I training.
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Your post above is somewhat confusing. Are you saying that you are the artist who painted the pic in your post?
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