They seem to step the same rake we stepped in 1979... Some noob took away a filter for the maintenance and forgot to write it down to the register... Some other guy didn't check the system and engaged the lab's machinery. Around 100 deaths occured in two months:)
Where I work is "tip of the spear" for surveillance on any diseases coming from China. Our hospital is looped in to the CDC and HHS. We've gotten...5 emails about this? Our leadership also does a good job of putting stuff in context; i.e., "this is worse than X because....". Bottom line, this virus is no bueno.
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This, in an email this afternoon from our leadership:

"On January 23, 2020, we identified an individual who recently traveled to China and met the criteria symptomatic of respiratory illness. In an abundance of caution, we placed this person under our care for further evaluation and testing. The testing is being conducted by an external facility, and we expect to have the results in a timely manner.

For the safety of our patients and team members, we have implemented the appropriate infection control precautions to avoid the spread of the potential virus. While we await the results from the test, the patient is being cared for in a contained and isolated unit by volunteers from our infectious disease team who are specially trained in the treatment of patients with novel viruses."

Now, the probability is very, very high that it is 'just' one of the other, million less-severe airborne bugs, but they ain't playing.
They seem to have learnt from SARS where they tried to not frighten the horses & had lax border controls. Looks like this time the quarantine procedures have been implemented early. They’ve isolated about 13 cities so far. Also, bad as it is, is it potentially as bad as SARS?