I'm going out for Halloween. I'm dressed with: 3 masks, a needle sticking out of my arm, an Israeli flag in one hand, Ukraine flag in other hand, Palestinian flag stuck up my ass and a I love Fauci t shirt on.

My costume? Virtue signaling cunt sheep.

I'm in FL, a Stand Your Ground state. Kids want candy, they better IMT and come heavy. Daddy's deer gun won't work on my porch.
I wanted to hate that but it's so predictable at this point.

A separate observation, things in Canuckistan are getting better'ish. Went for some bloodwork at my family clinic. Had to wear a mask... but I was only offered the flu shot. Nothing else was mentioned.
I will say; in our world, people are waking up. The COVAX booster was so roundly refused by nearly all units that the normal ‘shot lines’ that happen (when medical brings vaccinations to you and not you going to the clinic) we’re laughed out of 99% of the units.

Even if they did offer them, no mention of ‘mandatory’ or even ‘encouraged’ happens. Even the pussy ass careerist commanders and E9’s have seen the worm turned.
I just have a phd in Bro Science but why did I know that the mRNA vaccines were shit and bad for you...but all those brains in the DoD Medical system couldn't think critically?

Some people 'felt' that, but most of the users did not know that.

Taking big pharma and politics out of it, it happens. I get it: "well shit, that didn't work. Now what?"

Where things went south was when the first batch of data came out and instead of just stopping they doubled-down and lied.
There are reports of a pneumonia beginning to sweep through China. You know what else was initially reported as a pneumonia outbreak?

And this new "thing" is reportedly hitting children the hardest.

Ima go buy me some toilet paper, beat the rush and empty shelves.