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Cory Schwandt

May 25, 2012
Pensacola Florida, Norfolk Virginia

I was a BUD Dud, I am not on the "2-year hold" before I can go back to the Special Programs for the Navy.
So now, I am an Undes Airman(Sucks ass) and well I want to get into EOD, I like the Academic and physical Challenge it presents and well it seems to combine NSW and NSSC- I love it. I am curious if there any waivers to get past the 2 year hold cause that's a long time out in the fleet being a piece of crap that is my job. Of course I will suck it up and do it because that's the Nature of the beast! I also am curious about the Officer sector of EOD(I may do STA-21) and become an EOD Officer. I just want ANYONE'S Advice as to what I should do. ANd how to do so. I really appreciate it!

Alright campers, as promised this thread is back in business. Now's the time to address any of the OP's questions and whatnot. Snoochie boochies!

Cory...what is the significance of the attachment in your photo? Just some random moto image you pulled off the Net?
I'll try to help and address some of the STA-21 stuff.
1) You don't have time to apply this year, the cut off is 01 JUL.
2) It is an EXTREMELY competitive program. It took the 21 enlisted-to-commissoned programs the Navy had and melded them into one. There's still LDO and CWO, but you have to be in Khakis (or an E6 testing for Chief) before those are an option.
3) You have to have 6 interviews with an LT (O3) or above. 3 that are in your CoC and 3 that are in the URL that you're trying to get into.
4) You'll be grossly under-qualified (rank, time in service, overall knowledge, evals, etc) compared to the men and women with whom you're applying.

The list goes on, but here is their official website. It has all the information you'll need.
As I suggested earlier, go to the fleet, get some experience and then make your decision accordingly. Everyone that I have spoken to has said that doing your X number of years in the fleet before going back will make you a better candidate if you choose to try it again.
Also, I would assume (because I don't know) that something anyone wanting to get (back) into an SOF pipeline would have is the ability to think for themselves and make their own decisions. You've said twice now that you want someone to tell you what to do and how to do it. Do your own research and figure out what it is YOU want to do. Navy EOD techs are shit hot and I refuse to think they got there by someone holding their hand the entire way. That Crab is not easy to earn. EOD has a prep course here at Great Mistakes just like BUD/S does. I'm starting to ramble.
Anyhow, I bet your "knee pain" was ITB related. Guess what the most common over usage injury is in SPECWAR pipelines... Gotta pre-hab and foam roll everything, my friend.
I hope this helps some.
You need to make it thru EOD training first. It is not an easy process. Do 2 rotations (about 4 years AFTER training) and you will have earned the reputation (or not...ha, ha) to allow your CO to approve you for STA-21. There are only about 1 to 2 guys per year from EOD that are picked up for this program.
This guy is a turd, he hasn't been back since his original transgressions.
Looking hard at that photo, I'm willing to bet my left ovary that those are two people from my old unit, the 731st EOD, one of which was my PL for most of my last deployment. Probably a good thing that Cory hasn't come back to check on this thread.

ETA: Yup, they are who I think they are.
You know what's really great? He used his name to register which means anyone using the ole' Google will eventually find this thread.

Ya' like apples?
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He's an undes-air E3 right now. I doubt anyone of any importance is looking for him.
Good luck with the NSO-officer package though! :D
She's gonna be droppin dimes on this fellow. In this case, the dimes happen to be manhole covers. Also they have the guy's picture painted on it. But the important part is the dime-dropping.
"Well, I wanted to be a SEAL, but couldn't hack it. Maybe I'll give EOD a try."

Fuck you.

This is a common misconception among the BUD/S duds. They think that the Navy EOD pipeline is somehow "easier," and that by going this route they'll have a better chance of "making it." They are so incredibly wrong.

Our training pipeline is second to BUD/S in terms of physical difficulty, and second to Nuclear Power School academically (based on this kid's writing ability, I don't think he stands a chance). What's that mean? It means it's about as demanding as it can get, and our attrition rate is just as severe, if not worse.

For example, I started EOD Dive School with 27 other students; this is after the 24 enlisted guys completed the EOD Prep Course in Great Lakes that had a 50% attrition rate (all due to physical stuff, sucking in the water, etc). Of those 24 enlisted guys who already made it through "the hard part" of the pipeline, only seven completed the 18 months of training and are now badge-wearing EOD operators.

I want smart, fit, and mature guys coming into EOD. Not losers who are out to "prove something" or to self- actualize themselves somehow. You wanted to be a SEAL and it didn't work out? Tough shit, man. Get your shit together and go back to BUD/S in a couple years. If you're too scared to do that because you don't think you'll make it the second time around, well, that's too bad. Don't try to pollute my community (which I cherish) with your lack of self-esteem.
You know what's really great? He used his name to register which means anyone using the ole' Google will eventually find this thread.

Ya' like apples?

Oh, by the way, this kid's FB profile lists his occupation as "Professional door-kicker" at United States Navy.


I know I shouldn't notice or care because this is just a wannabe kid, but shit like this pisses me off.
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