Federal HST Premium Law Enforcement ammunition



I just got back from a hunt for .45 ACP ammunition. I was looking for Corbon or Federal Hydroshock but the prices are so outragious at the dealers that I found one dealer that had an abundance of Federal Premium Law Enforcement HST JHP's 230 grain.

Have no idea what the performance of this ammunition is like. But, at current prices I was able to purchase twice as much of this ammunition as I would have the Corbon or Hydroshock ammunition.

Anyone have any experience with this particular ammunition in 1911's ???? Or, for that matter in any other .45 ACP platform ?

It was once said that this ammunition was only available to LEO/Dept but the dealer had a crate of the shit and I purchased 5 boxes of 50 rounds.

What say you ???
Sounds good. No experience with it, but at this point I'd be happy with anything in .45ACP, especially if it said FEDERAL on the box...and 5 boxes of 50 of ANYTHING is hard to get right now. I say Well Done, Bro...especially at a "reasonable" price.
Here are some comments and tests that I found browsing the web. Federal Premium HST Tactical 230 grain .45 ACP (standard pressure)

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Stopping Power forums: http://www.stoppingpower.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7867

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ATK Wound ballistic workshop: http://le.atk.com/pdf/SanAngeloWBW_Report.pdf

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