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What's this all about?

It's about that you just don't pack the gear !


It's about professionals with similar backgrounds, who have a grasp of situational awareness, having a place to talk intelligently. So, in light of that SITUATIONAL AWARENESS caveat, I would highly, HIGHLY suggest you read this post: http://www.shadowspear.com/vb/showthread.php?3008-Introductions-Read-this-before-you-post, then try that intro again. I'm being generous in giving you until this evening to comply. Failure to comply with the rules set forth will have consequences.

So, try again, the clock's ticking.....
You've clearly pissed off "da bomb chica," that's terrain that you don't even want to walk.

Good luck.
So how's the weather in Rochester??

His fingers are prolly too cold to type right now.........
Figgered it out yet?

You're more than welcome here. You just have to have an understanding about the folks with whom you're talking.

We're here.............

Welcome aboard!
Not open for further replies.