Former SEAL Howard Wasdin on "The Daily Show"

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That's interesting. Glad I saw that...

I was asking someone else what they thought of that book, since they had just finished it. I read the first chapter and it seemed interesting, though I heard some people say a lot of it was exaggerated/made-up. But isn't that always the complaint that comes up with books on this type of subject? Well, after I finish my current book on Gerald Stano, maybe I'll DL this to my Kindle.

I finished it a few weeks ago. As fars as being exaggerated I've never served at Dam Neck or The Compound so I wouldn't know but I have read books with much more controversial topics in it, Inside Delta Force and Warrior Soul come to mind. Its definitely more on the humble side so I think Wasdin did achieve his goal in wanting to be less arrogant than Marcinko who he takes a few shots at in the book and in his interviews. Bascially, pick it up and read it at least once I think its been a good addition to my library.
I read the book, thought it was okay, and am curious about SAWMAN's comments in the link above. Not that I have a dog in the fight, my intellectual side likes (within reason) to know why something is wrong or jacked up. Of course, sometimes one's desire to know is trumped by the fact that I don't need to know, so there's always that.

But as to the book, without knowing everything or how true it is or isn't, on the surface it seems like a great story but there are some serious gaps in it (not unlike Haney's book which should cause one to pause). I did find his willingness to take some jabs at other units to be a bit "less than professional" especially after he went to pains in the book to point out that he was the anti-Marcinko. Including the bit about his divorce and his wife....that was just awkward to read. It was like he wanted to throw a job in but also appear to take the high road...have his cake and eat it too, so you start to wonder how much he's omitting and/ or soft pedals on a topic to sell it to the reader.

Honestly, if you want to read it I'd go to a local used bookstore and find a discounted paperback copy or go out and torrent it if that's your thing.
After reading SAWMAN's comment, Wasdin's part in the book about him considering a lateral transfer to CAG is making me more skeptical. Its on the same level in my mind as Haney saying he killed a guy he was on selection with.
I didnt know SAWMAN was on that team. I would love to hear what he thinks about the UBL op and the unit choice.
Negative SOWT it was based on an interview done with Col. Beckwith's daughter and two officers who served in The Unit at the same time I believe it Maj. Bucky Burruss and Logan Fitch, here's the article. I'm sorry if that comment came off as I was using my own (non)experience to question the validity of a veteran's military experience.
Is it just me, or do all the tier 1 guys who write books seem to get rocked pretty hard? Haney, Dalton Fury, and now Wasdin... The only one who I've never heard any negative comments on is Peter Blaber.

For better or worse (probably worse), I'd imagine those units will be getting much more TV time after the UBL raid.
Saw it on the New Arrivals at B&N...browsed the inside flap and back cover for all of two seconds before putting it back and moving on.
If I am remembering history correctly: COL Beckwith was ordered to hold a press conference and was exposed to national television while still the commander of that unit... to show that it wasn't the president's fault the mission failed.

A great American and not really an appropriate comparison.
Beckwith wrote the book to keep Delta alive.

Out of the people who know the mission failed and our people died in the desert, 95% of those people probably DON'T know the specifics. That it wasn't Delta's fault as they had nothing to do with the outcome. It was inadequate and inexperienced helicopter pilots brought in to do the mission.

He had to explain himself and his unit and put the blame on somebody else - as rightfully it is somebody elses fault.