FYI: Counterfiet Leupolds Making The Rounds


Verified Military
Aug 14, 2007
Just passing this on, gents. This isn't the first time, and I guess these things come in waves- which makes sense when we're talking about importation...

I would like to make everyone aware that there are some fake Leupolds going around. These rifle scopes are made in China, and are in no way are affiliated with Leupold and Stevens, and will not be serviced by them. These scopes can look like a legit Leupold to the untrained eye. The easiest way to spot them is by the gold paint on the ring at the objective end and on the bronze "L" medallion. On most Leupolds this ring and medalion are not gold plated, however they can be ordered with 24 ct. gold plating, and the fake scopes look a little bit like these. A jeweler or other person familiar with gold plating can easily tell the difference between real gold and paint, but I know a couple of fairly intelligent people who have gotten fooled. Please make sure you by your Leupold from a reputable source, such as (the only on-line resource I will use) or otherwise legit business. You can contact Leupold & Stevens for more info.