Harry Coover dies


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Dec 15, 2006
New Zealand
Harry Coover has died. He invented Super Glue, but other than making most of us glue our fingers together at some point in our lives, he also invented a form of it as a tissue adhesive. From wikipedia:

"While much attention was given to the glue's capacity to bond solid materials, Coover was also the first to recognize and patent cyanoacrylates as a tissue adhesive. First used in the Vietnam War to temporarily patch the internal organs of injured soldiers until conventional surgery could be performed, tissue adhesives are now used worldwide for a variety of sutureless surgical applications"

While you guys would know far more about it than I ever could I thought I might make a thread for a guy who presumably created quite the advance in emergency medicine.
What a great thing to be remembered for. Rest in peace knowing you have left the world a better place, Mr. Coover.