Hey yall


Sep 19, 2010
I am currently a member of 2nd civ div, couch company, T.V Platoon. Getting REAL tired of watching my buddies gettin some in Afghanistan on T.V, (Get ya some 2/9) Decided I would give the Army a try so now just waiting to be released from my USMC inactive service to go active Army. I was originally part of 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade Anti Terrorism Battalion, When that was deactivated I was sent to 2nd Battalion 9th Marines. I was an 0351 (infantry assaultman), a Designated Marksman (Wannabe Sniper lol) a range coach and a BUST (Basic Urban Survival Tactics) Instructor and a royal pain in the ass to any whiney ass losers who didnt want to put out. I am aspiring to join the Ranger Reg and eventually become an 18 chuck so if any of you on this network have any good info pertaining to those jobs please feel free to share it, any good intel is always appreciated. Thank you very much for allowing me to join this network and I look forward to taking away as much info as humanly possible and contributing as much as I can.