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Feb 22, 2010
I'm a 17 YO graduate and military hopeful taking college classes because the military doesn't accept diplomas from the high school I graduated from. I need to get 15 credits of college before they talk to me, but I have done my share of research. I am going to join the Marine Corps when I earn my credits and ultimately want to be in MARSOC.
Welcome to the site. Best wishes with your military aspirations.

What is the problem with your high school? Is it not accredited?
Did you got to some kind of cult school or something ?? :D

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Well, for my third and last year in high school I went to a distance education school so i could graduate early and join the military. The military apparently doesn't accept diploma's from that kind of school (classified as tier 2), but i didn't know that since no recruiter would talk to me.

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For a moment I thought you went to Ridgemont High with Jeff Spicoli.

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