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Gary Melton

Verified SOF
Jun 18, 2011
West Virginia
I had some close friends shoot some links from here to my website so I thought it only fitting to become a member. I actually hadnt heard of this site before so I am glad to find it and get to talk to some of my brothers. I am an 18B that is on his way out of the Army to take on knife making full time (possibly squeeze in some contracting work too), I more than likely will continue my service in 19th or 20th Group. If you have any questions especially concerning knives or knife making or all things that go boom... hit me up. I am only where I am because I have had a lot of patient, good folks support me and I look to pay it forward.
Hehehehe.... BURP!... I got dinner... and a new toy... and look what I dragged in; an SF knifemaker.
Use small words like you do for RB, he's an 18B ... receiver, pawl, guide rod, Gas tube, and target are all ok...

Get your orders in now, be the first one on your block to have a hand made Melton Knife and Design Implement of death and destruction... soon, you may have the opportunity to own one that I believe I helped name this evening. :confused: No beer was consumed.

(I'd tell you he's an outstanding individual, but nobody would believe me, because 1. I am the Troll 2. well, 1 about covers it...)
Welcome to the site Gary. Did you have another MOS before you became 18-series? I had a guy in my unit with a name very close to yours.
Welcome to the site Gary. Thank you for your service.
Your knives must have the Troll in some kind of trance for him to welcome you like that. I hope you enjoy the site!
Endorsement from the Troll is a bad start but welcome anyway.

Ever made a Smatchet?

Welcome to SS Brother.

Knives look awesome...I am sure you will do well in the business, especially if you listen to Bill.


I am interested in seeing the Combat Bowie series, but I am also eyeballing the Warrior series. Any idea when you will have the Bowie up on your webpage?
Thanks to all.. I appreciate the welcome and dont hold the fact that I am associated with the Troll against me. Hanging out with him is part of my community service (I may choose to go back to jail). He is very useful around the knife shop, helping come up with names... sweeping.. mopping.. I mean sharpening, designing... sweeping.
I am glad you took most of that evil cake home with you though.. it forced me to eat what was left of it for breakfast!! It said..."its ok Gary.. it's Fathers Day, you can eat me for breakfast"
Maruader.. I was an 11B at 187INF 101st.
JAB.. I should have something to put up and show you on the Bowie series in the next month or so. I have the blanks cut out already so I may post those just to give eveyone an idea of the design. The Bowie series has gotten people more excited than I expected to be honest and I'll work to get that moving.
Whether you want to order something, talk shop, or just bs, everyone feel free to email me anytime.
Once again thanks for the warm welcome, glad to be here!
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