Jul 15, 2012
Raleigh, NC
My name is Adrian, I'm going to be a junior in high school next year and I plan on enlisting with an 11x option 40 or SEAL Challenge contract the day I'm eligible to. I'm on this site to read through the forums and gather valuable information and ask appropriate questions.
Yeah, it's the "summer offensive" of kiddos, weirdos, and run-of-the-mill assclowns. It'll taper off a bit once school starts back up.
It's a setting we can use in either case. I meant to make his card purple already, I'll fix that now.
Too funny, the mods are earning that large check of big bucks from SS...;)
I hear all the mods are going to get 100% raises at the start of the new fiscal year!

edit: except, of course, for Pardus. In fact, I think I might ask the boss if we could just take Pardus' salary away from him and divide it amongst all the rest of the mods. I think that would be preferable to across-the-board pay raises.