Israel and Iran

Wonder how many Hamas and Hezbollah fighters have crossed our borders over the past year?

As @Marauder06 says, this offensive is highly coordinated with somewhat innovate and sophisticated, for Hamas, infiltration tactics (paragliders, etc). It's clear this was planned for quite some time and they knew this would be big. Next steps will be interesting.
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I don't think it's a stretch to say this is the biggest intelligence failure on the Israelis part since Yom wouldn't shock me if Israel's response was more "Old Testament" than in previous encounters.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Hamas days of rule in the strip are at an end and Israel treats it like the West Bank. At least I hope that's what they decide to do.
I'm curious how many fighters, especially leadership from, pick a GWOT conflict zone, are now part of or directly aiding Hamas.

They got nothing better to do. I can say from indirect experience that after Trump took out Soleimani attacks in Iraq almost ceased. A couple months ago I saw a blurb that hundreds of Iran backed Shiites were converging on the IZ in Baghdad w/intentions to storm and destroy the U.S. Embassy. When I spoke with buddies still there I was told it fizzled out real fast and they were outnumbered 10:1 by Iraq security forces this time. The formerly Iran backed militias there like Mahdi Army didn't want any part and neither did many locals.

Iran looked to be loosing some grip over there in the past few years. They got their cash back and are cooking up some shit now.
Israeli Police had been treating Israelis far worse when they counter protested Palestinians the past several years. Many times protecting them, even when the Palestinians cast stones at them or worse.

This clearly has taken a lot coordination, this is not the normal Hamas fit. They made an incursion and kidnapped dozens of Civilians. I suspect the next Election will lead to hardliners being elected throughout the Knessett as it has felt really quiet the past few years.

This can only end one way, and it will be with a lot of dead Palestinians. Israelis don't have eradication of Palestinians as an objective...but Hamas does. We also need to withdraw all aid from the PLO.

If Twitter is correct, HAMAS units hold small Israeli towns right now.

I'm curious how many fighters, especially leadership from, pick a GWOT conflict zone, are now part of or directly aiding Hamas.

I would bet dollars to donuts that there are hundreds, maybe a few thousands, of Hamas fighters that joined ISIS and came back.

I also bet some of them are veterans of the side we backed in Syria as well.
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I think there were news stories from back in the day about Lebanese Hezbollah in Iraq as trainers. It will be interesting to see if they act up now as well.
Israel is redeploying brigade from central command to the Northern Command to prepare for a Hamas attack. Based on what I've seen heading south to Gaza...this is going to be very bloody. I'm highly surprised by the force disposition and lack of bases in the South in Israel to provide deterrence or immediate reaction. Based on the volume of reservists called up it is just going to be strange. Looking for the actual figure for mobilization but Netanyahu called it "major". Expecting at least 3 or 4 US sized divisions of personnel to report for mobilization. Naftali Bennett who was Prime Minister from '21-'22 reported in for mobilization as a volunteer at 51.
Meanwhile the US embassy believes violence won't solve anything. I do not stand with this government. Israel, you do what you gotta do.
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I'm sure most of the U.S. Embassy Staff around the world are more focused on dinner parties and being able to get along with he sissy boys/girls of the world rather than anything resembling a real solution to getting the captured civilians back. I bet plenty of them think they could get these people back with meetings and concessions... And if not...move on within a couple months.

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