Israel and Iran

So, if you look at the map in the tweet, this is why Israel had a blockade of Gaza for a very long time. There is still a "blockade". But given the volume of rockets being launched Israel is probably wondering about why it eased the restrictions that it had...

There were over 2,000 rockets launched, in volumes that Israeli ADA was pretty overwhelmed and they have the best ADA systems in the world. The Hamas incursion involved 20 communities/towns. They were carefully chosen as they were not close to an immediate reaction force, and they attacked the police stations on breaks or shift changeovers. Suspect there will be thousands more rockets this night.

Want to know who's funding this? You guy spoke about Iran, I mentioned Turkey. But guess who officially funds Gaza right now? It isn't the Palestinian Authority as they've cut off funding. It is our lovely friends in Qatar! To the tune of $30M/month. Pretty easy to fund rocket building on that. Hamas unable to pay salaries in Gaza after Qatari aid delay, officials say
You know what's fucked up?

Members of this board have called this for years. For years members here have pointed out how nations like Pakistan, Iran, and Qatar have supported terrorists. Over a decade to be honest. We've pointed out Iran's role in Iraq's EFPs, Yemen, "Palestinians", and the like. Pakistan's our bro-bro, but even prior to Neptune Bookdeal we knew what was up with PK. Qatar? Paging Barack Obama to the white courtesy phone.

And we're nobody's. We're supposed to be the dumb ones and those Ivy League, landed gentry...they are the smart ones. Those people are our masters.

Y'all out here worried about Pfizer's role in the NWO, that shit's a 5th grade spring play. In 1866.

I'm going to bed. I hope Israel kills every one from Gaza to Cairo. Salt the earth. Create a true DMZ.

Then I want us to drop an FAE or 20 on Jerusalem for the Liberty's sake.

That's fucking progress. Tell me I'm wrong.
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They'd have plenty of shelters if

1) Hamas didn't want need dead Palestinians for propaganda purposes, and
2) They used that concrete the Israelis allow through to build things other than military bunkers and terror tunnels into Israel.
Yeah, if they didn't use all their bunkers and tunnels to store missiles and hide fighters (as well as probably hostages now), they'd have plenty of shelters -- which, incidently, they wouldn't need to use.
Something I'm thinking about, that's not yet a fully-formed thought. Looking for input.

The problem that I see is, it's not that things are bad in Gaza and the West Bank. It's that they are not bad enough.

When things get bad enough, big political changes are possible, because they become necessary. The Democrats ignored our southern border crisis for decades, but are only now doing something about it because the problem became bad enough. American colonists tolerated all manner of grievances until things became bad enough and they rebelled. The British fought us until things became bad enough and they tapped out. We were on the ground in Viet Nam until things got bad enough and then we folded up our war machine and headed home. And the list goes on.

There is a body of thought in international relations theory that holds that when peace breaks out before one side of a conflict sees itself as defeated, the war isn't over and in fact could go on indefinitely. When well-meaning interlopers coerce a separation between committed belligerents before one side is a clear victor, it merely prolongs the conflicts and protracts the misery.

That's what we have here today with Hamas in particular but also with the Palestinian Authority. Hamas keeps acting the way they do because we continue to allow it. No matter how many times Israel drops bombs or fires missiles into Gaza, no many how many tanks are on their streets for a few days at a time, and most importantly no matter how many civilians are accidentally killed, the Israelis are pressured into stopping short of a full victory. Hamas doesn't see the constant string of ass whippings they receive as a defeat; indeed, they see the struggle itself as a victory. Hamas can wait the Israelis out and rearm and retrain and regenerate in perpetuity, because the international community props up their governing structure, we enable their malfeasance. Iran is the chief funder of Hamas, but Hamas also gets a lot of money and political support, directly or indirectly, from places like Qatar, the EU, and, yes, the US.

The argument that "this money is just for humanitarian purposes" is utterly laughable. First of all, money is fungible. You're dealing with a literal terrorist organization who is willing to do or say literally anything, to include killing themselves, in support of their cause and you expect them to keep their word?? LOL. And even if you give them say $50 million worth of food, even if they don't sell it or barter it for something else, you just saved a terrorist organization $50 million. And what do you think they're going to do with it? "Looks like jihad is back on the menu, boys!"


So, what do we do about it? Gazans are definitely suffering under Hamas' leadership. Things are bad. But they are not bad enough. When things get bad enough in Gaza, the people will rise up against them. Instead of giving them $50 million a month to prop up the government in Hamas, we should be spending twice as much to undermine it. And twice as much again to directly and indirectly target the people, organizations, and countries that are supporting them. Not because this makes things better for Israel, but because it's in the US's national interests. We need to cut off funding not only to Hamas but to the PA as well. No more support for terrorists and despots. No more financial support for people who literally give money when an American citizen is murdered in Israel. No more supporting "education" that teaches how evil the US and Israel are, and that promotes perpetual conflict. Make it bad enough to cause meaningful change.

Article 13 of Hamas' charter literally states "there is no negotiated settlement possible." Anyone who tries to achieve a political end short of the complete elimination of the state of Israel runs the risk of getting murdered. That could be an average Palestinian or the leader of an entirely different country. And as bad as things are in Gaza day-to-day, it's not bad enough to risk one's life over.


But I think it's hard for a lot of people to understand right now how big an event this most recent attack was to Israel's national psyche. Voices of restraint are going to be drowned out by howls for blood. Things just got bad enough for Israel. We'll soon see what that translates to for Gaza.
Video coming out of that is horrific.

We shouldn't forget the primary source of money and equipment for these terrorist groups: Iran.
I watched a couple of videos earlier today of murdered Israeli women, one by herself in a car and one whose broken and nearly-naked body was in the back of a pickup, and was allegedly being paraded around Gaza, with onlookers shouting Allah Akbar and at least on of them spitting on her.

The videos are heart wrenching. A few hours before, these young women were purportedly partying and celebrating being young at an all-night rave party in the desert. Now they're trophies in someone's war porn collection, and propaganda tools for Hamas. Far from being a source of shame, Hamas' jihadists are proud of what they did to these women, who did nothing to them other than to simply exist.

I have two teenage daughters. Either one of them could have been one of those women. I go to Israel every year. It could have been any of the dozens of young women that go on the trip with us. And it could have been me there, watching more or less helplessly as it all unfurled because there was nothing I could to do stop it.

A wise person once said words to the effect of, "when people show you what they really are, you should believe them." We always knew what Hamas was, what they wanted, and what they were willing to do. We just got a fresh reminder. Iranian-inspired, Palestinian-committed terrorist violence is a world problem. Now, what is the world prepared to do about it?
They'd have shelters everywhere and wouldn't even need them, if Hamas and co didn't exist. They use mosques, hospitals, schools, appartments, all kind of infrastructure not just bunkers and tunnels, to store weapons, munitions and accomodate fighters.