Just picked up my Remington 700 :D


Dec 18, 2008
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just acquired my first Remington 700 .308!!! :D And I would love to hear all of your opinions for modifying it. I've been looking at HS precision stocks, Harris bi pods, and Leupold mil dot optics, but I want to know what all of you guys think are the best options for this weapon. I want to use it for long range target shooting (1000, plus) and as a practice "M24" to use in preparation for sniper school.

Let the knowledge flow... :cool:
The Rem 700 is a great rifle untouched as many enemies of the free world could attest to were they still alive.
I am envious. I think one of the members here has a thread with mods he made to his rifle, you might want to search for it.

Here she is (again)
I can post "before, during, and after" pics if you guys really, REALLY want them. :)

I chose the following parts for this beautiful weapon:

Remington 700P chambered to .308 with free floating barrel.

Leupold Mark 4 6.5X20 LR/T illuminated mil dot scope.

Badger Ordnance scope rings and rail with a 20 MOA cant.

HS Precision adjustable length of pull and cheek pad tactical stock.

Badger Ordnance oversized bolt knob.

Harris HBR-S bipod.

:Edit: HS Precision 10 round magazine receiver

And a Pelican 1750 case to store it.

All the parts should be in by the end of this week... I'm chomping at the bit to put this weapon together!
Update on the progress: The stock came in today along with the oversized bolt knob. The stock went on without a problem but when I took the knob to the local gunsmith to have him put it on he said it would take "two to three months, due to the huge workload" :doh::doh::doh::eek: So that will have to wait until I have had plenty of play time alone with my rifle. ;)
The scope, rings, and rail should be in by tomorrow. I have pictures but I can't find my cord to connect the camera to the computer so you'll just have to wait.
I found the cord! :)

Here is the "before" picture of the stock

And the "after" picture of the HS Precision stock

The bolt knob I want:
I haven't been able to shoot it yet due to the fact that I still don't have a scope. :( Dry firing the stock feels amazing. It looks huge when you're not holding it, but when you settle down and "aim" using the bi pod while prone, it feels perfect.

As for the 100MPH tape... I know it is holding the world together but I'm trying not to let it get near my boom stick unless I need to. ;) I'll use it if I need to fashion a field suppressor out of an old sock, a toothpick, and a 12 pack of Bud. ;)

On another note, does anyone know the best place to procure M118 LR .308 rounds?
update on the progress so far: Shit, over. I can't find parts in stock ANYWHERE because of Obama being elected! :mad::doh: I ordered everything two weeks ago and there is still no sign or chatter from the company. The goal was to have this project up and finished by now but it looks like she wont be done until the end of this month :'(
lol Damn. I'm still trying to get my feet wet with the whole shooting range, but that one looks like something i'd like to pick up after basic...or whatever they'll have me doing. :uhh:
Alright, she's about 90% complete now. I still need to get the bolt knob put on, switch the floor plate to the HS Precision 10 round magazine adapter, have the barrel threaded, and get a suppressor. Other than that, my boom stick is ready for the prom. :D

Here is the "before" picture of the stock Remington 700P

And this is what she looks like now. (excuse the image quality, I can't find my camera at the moment so I had to use my computer's web cam. More pics to come as soon as I locate the little bastard.)

Now all I have to do is find a range... :uhh: