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Sep 7, 2006
I have an M1 Garand that I cannot load for some inexplicable reason.

The clip just won't go in all the way.

Ive stripped the weapon, Functions test is fine, it's clean and seems OK to me, I'm very inexperienced with this weapon however so I could have missed something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The pic shows how far I can get the clip in before it stops.


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Googled, but could find no help.

will the magazine load in the weapon while empty? Or with one or 2 rounds out of the magazine?

Or will it load with the magazine inverted? (not backwards.. lol.. but upside down :doh: )

I am still searching, but I also have no experience with that firearm...
Not yet, I have t run out I'll have time for a good look tonight or tomorrow, I'll prob register with one or two of those sites and ask there.

Many, many thanks :)
Do you remember that M1 you were using a little while back?:uhh: You know, the one that fed,fired,extracted and ejected without any problems at all.:)

Hmmmm, another hint.:doh: That one that I couldnt take away from you???????:mad:

Oh, thats right. It was mine!:cool:
I can cock the weapon and the saftey still won't work, unless there has to be a clip in the rifle to engage the safety.

I have tried a couple of different clips.

I spent a few hours today at a BBQ with some experts on the M1 Garand and they fixed it!! :D

Before I start the explanation let me just say :doh: lol

The .308 (7.62x51mm) M1 Garand I brought turns out to be a 30-06! :uhh: :doh: lol

The two experts fucked around with it for quite some time stupefied as to why the clip wouldn't load, thy even chambered a .308 into her which took no small amount of effort to clear! :doh: and only after boots to the cocking handle, hammers, screwdrivers etc were put to good use! :D The upside is they said to load that round as well as it did proves it's as strong as an M1 could be. :cool:

It is a 1943 Springfield Armory model, with all its original parts except the barrel which was replaced in the early 50's. The barrel might (I have to check with CMP) be one that is one of the best ever put into a Garand, one to match grade standards! :cool:

Anyway, they said it was a great rifle which I'm really happy about and I'm very happy it turns out to be a 30-06, I regretted getting the .308 after I brought it so alls well that ends well!

I would like to thank all that helped me with this problem, your effort and advice was and is very much appreciated!

I would also like to throw sand in the eyes of the douchebag that sold me the rifle in the first place, fuck you dickhead.