More On The Incredible Wasp!


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Aug 14, 2007
Some of us have been watching the progress about an incredible innovation in perhaps the most significant leap forward in small weapons since the first hand-cranked gatling gun introduced us to the world of machine guns. And just as a machine gun gave a huge advantage over single shot and muzzle loaded weapons, a company out of Cheshire CT has found a way to endow the carrier of their blade with unmatched lethality, and a huge advantage over standard knives.[FONT=&quot]

This revolutionary weapon combines the utility of a high quality conventional blade with small, disposable gas-filled cartridges, which the user can suddenly release with the push of a button. The gas is forcefully vented through a nozzle towards the tip of the blade. As the gas vents into the target, it creates an enormous cavity inside it, filling it with the gas. Against a dangerous threat, like a shark, or wild animal, this would provide instant stopping power in an environment where the use of firearms are either prohibited, or impractical, and where a conventional knife would be inadequate.

As incredible as this device is, there are already additional developments underway, which could bring us an impressive array of attachments and add-ons, including some that are custom suited for military applications. There are already multiple versions, with multiple functions for use in different environments. Check them out here:[/FONT] The company is called Wasp Injections Systems Inc., and they've just released their new catalog. You can download your own here: [FONT=&quot]

Would love to see / read more about actual effects (surely it has been tested in a controlled environment).
Sounds intense to say the least.
Disregard..... I just went to the site and found a video of the weapon tested on a watermelon.
Though it leaves something left to the imagination..... I get the idea.
That is some good ish... I thought it was another "flying blade" knife, but that is a pretty clever idea. I'd like to see someone demo it on a full-size tiger shark (or an insurgent).
I bet it would clean the hell outta my keyboard.
[ame=""]YouTube - WASP Injection Knife vs. Watermelon[/ame]
in case some of you are ro lazy to go look it up yourself...

That knife seems like such a simple design, what kind of sick puppy thought of putting two lethal forces together to make it even more efficient? Haha, that is vecious... Now you guys with the military viewpoints, what are the pros and cons? If you were to stab someones arm would it kill them with the air burst or would it just freeze that part. Im also sure its a bit dangerous with that release button out there, it could just go off in the holster couldnt it? I dont see a "safety" on that thing...

Edit: sorry about the video not being in HTML format, I didnt know it would automatically go into video form...

Military Pros & Cons? :rolleyes:

IMO, this knife is a worthless POS for any application in the military or civilian world. The only Pro that I see is that it will make money for the person that sells it. Most likely the main buyers of this POS will be Wannabes, Gadget junkies and knife collectors. ;)

I carry a fighting type folding knife daily, both for back-up protection to my Glock 27 and as a cutting tool. If I was going to be in the field I would carry my 1st Group knife or my Yarbourgh knife both as tools and as a fighting knife if such a thing should happen. (I'd still carry my folder as well.)

As for UW operations, I normally carry a very small knife that fits on my air integrated dive computer panel's hose. It has a saw tooth on the blade. I also carry a set of Para-medic scissors (Blunt nose) for cutting fish line and fish netting. I worry a lot more about entanglement in monofilament fishing lines and free floating fish nets than I do sharks. Of course the WASP would be mostly useless in this role.

Speaking of Sharks, I don't think I would like to take on any shark with the WASP or any knife for that matter. I have seen tests on GW sharks using 'Bang-sticks' using both 12 GA OO buck and Co2. They were both effective. The Co2 caused the shark to rise to the surface belly-up dead. I'd rather be armed with the Bang-stick if I was going to do combat with a GW Shark. I'd rather not do combat with any shark. :eek: :2c:

BTW: As someone has already mentioned most shark attacks, especially by GWs are over before the swimmer surfer or diver is aware he/she is being attacked.
In thinking about having to swim in an AO that had man-eating sharks, I thought I'd like to have this type of weapon.

1.) A short shaft Spear gun, powered by a Co2 cartridge that had enough power to penetrate a sharks tough skin, along with ability to have multiple shots . The short shaft spear, would contain a tip that allowed for a fair amount of Co2 to be injected into the shark on impact with the shark. Multiple Co2 tipped short spear shafts could be carried by the dive team.

2.) The already existent Bang-Sticks with both Co2 and 12 GA 00 buck cartridges. (Stick would allow for fast cartridge reloads UW for the user.