New .45 on it way but which one????

One word, Springfield. I will be bringing my SA "Champion" to the KY shoot if ya wanna do a lil test drivin

FYI - Also, I'm bringing an AMT "Hardballer" long slide .45 to the shoot. It could be looking for a new home. Its just waaayyy too nose heavy for me to control
Kimber Tactical Custom II, it's a pure tack driver....

Yep, my brother shoot IDPA and has 3 Kimbers. His favorite is his Tactical Custom II. The only thing he did was put a heavier full length guide rod and I can shoot it better than he does! Which pisses him off!
If you're going to drop that kind of change for a Kimber, compare it to this:

Just my opinion, but in 45 ACP world, I think Para Ordinance is extremely under rated. :2c:

Not that I will be carrying it that often but I want a single stack not the high capacity double stack of 45's. Looks sweet though!!!

I had heard that P.O. got their shit together and produces some great weapons now. Unfortunately they are still suffering from past years of sub-standard manufacturing!

Never shot one!

Para's are shit hot pistols, you will see all three at most IDPA match's... I like Kimber's over SA, but its all on what you want to spend and what your going to do with it.

Most likely Match and IPSC. Might try IDPA stuff locally!
As I said it really boils down to what you’re going to use it for…

I do not dislike SA and I owned a TRP (Operator MC) for about 5 years, I thought it was the cat’s ass until I started shooting Kimber. In comparison the Kimber’s are more accurate then the SA’s I have fired and that has been the majority opinion of most of my buddies who shoot 1911’s. The big plus of SA is they bore their chambers slightly larger to reduce failure to feeds and so that they will feed hollow points. But when ever you do that, you are losing accuracy, and being more concerned about accuracy (vz using hollow points) I prefer a 1911 with tighter tolerances. Especially the chamber…

In a “tactical” since you want the friendly medium, you want the highest degree of accuracy with out diminishing reliability. I find that to be in the Kimber TC II, it maintains accuracy the equivalent of a ball-gun but feeds just about anything you put in it (with in reason). The TRP I owned never failed to feed except for a few faulty magazines, but as I said above the accuracy level was night and day (the difference between a 2-3.5 inch group (TRP) and a 1-1.5 inch group (TC II) at 25 yards) for a tactical gun that is huge…

The problem I find (not saying anyone here) is that a lot of people can’t shoot as good as the gun and due to this form opinions based on pure reliability issues (ie. Snuffy’s Kimber wont feed all JHP, but his TRP will so his TRP is better) and that is really not the case. If I am going to carry it in all elements and run any type of ammo and the accuracy can lack b/c your shooting 15 yards and in, well go with the TRP. If you are going to keep it clean and properly lubricated, shoot for accuracy out to 50+ yards and want to be dead nuts on, go with the TC II.:2c:
Thanks JAB! I made my choice and I am going with the Kimber Tactical Custom II. It is almost 800.00 less than the SA TRP. So I will have money to get leather and goodies (titanium guide rod, extra mags, ammo, etc).

The reviews and the recommendations I have found online bear your experience JAB. The Kimber is more accurate!

So Kimber it is! I am going to get it tomorrow. They have it on 24 hour hold for me!

I had a Colt Delta Elite 10mm but tired of getting raped with the cost of ammo - when I can find it!!!
TRP would be my choice over any Kimber product. :2c:

All right Doc, I am not letting you off with that bell ringer! I need objective reasoning and maybe some facts! Or is this just a personal Bias! Which is fine, everyone does it!

But if you have dirt on Kimber I want to know before I go get in tomorrow!