New UK Sniper Rifle Kills many Taliban

My metric conversion is rusty, but I believe that's .338 caliber (either WinMag or Lapua Mag). Both of those rounds can be effective to 1500m. I doubt they're using a suppressor at that range, though. Interesting that they put the caliber in mm instead of the more commonly known inch measurement (I know it's a UK pub, but they use inches/gallons/miles a lot still).
"New UK Sniper Rifle Kills many Taliban" Sniper rifles don't kill people, Snipers do! :D

Nice weapon!

L115A3 Long Range Rifle

British snipers fulfil a vital and enduring role on the battlefield, in terms of intelligence-gathering, target identification and eliminating high value targets. This year they have been using a new weapon, 'the best .338 sniper rifle in the world'.

Unveiled earlier this year the L115A3 rifle, part of the Sniper System Improvement Programme (SSIP), is a larger calibre weapon which provides state-of-the-art telescopic day and night all-weather sights, increasing a sniper's effective range considerably.

The first batch of SSIP systems was deployed to Afghanistan with members of 16 Air Assault Brigade in May 2008 with subsequent deliveries being made to training units across the UK.

Designed to achieve a first-round hit at 600 metres and harassing fire out to 1,100 metres, Accuracy International's L96 sniper rifle has also been upgraded with a new x3-x12 x 50 sight and spotting scope.

The L115A3 long range rifle fires an 8.59mm bullet which is heavier than the 7.62mm round of the L96 and less likely to be deflected over extremely long ranges.

Other elements of the Sniper System Improvement Programme include night sights, spotting scopes, laser range finders and tripods.

S&B 5-25x56 Day Scope
Magnifies target up to 25 times allowing the sniper to identify targets more easily.

Folding Stock
Reduces the length of the weapon when being carried in a backpack

Adjustable Cheek Piece
Allows the sniper to comfortably align his eye with the day scope

Reduces the flash and noise signature, reducing the chances of detection and thus increasing the survivability of the sniper

Adjustable Bi-pod
Allows the sniper to support the rifle in a set position while locating the target

5-round Magazine
Allows the sniper to fire 5 rounds rapidly while being small enough not to interfere with the alignment

Calibre 8.59 mm
Weight 6.8 kg
Length 1,300 mm
Muzzle velocity 936 m/s
Feed 5-round box
Effective range 1,100 m plus
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I would love for someone to teach me how to really shoot at those distances!!! What an amazing skil required to treat a weapon like this the way it was designed to be used!
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What I meant is that this has got a new designation (L115) than the L96. Does this mean that NZ has been using the L115 the whole time? Fucking heavy rifle too btw.
We use the AW, that's all it's known as is the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare we do not use the Brit designation for it.
That's from the Sniper who lives down the road to confirm what I remembered from the lessons on it.

And I had to ring my gun nut old CSM for this and put up with a 10 minute lecture on why I'm not going in the shooting team this year followed by a 5 minute lecture on why Recon should shave their side burns and cut their hair. Then he asked me to make him a day bag for hunting. You owe me beer Spitfire, that was right up there with visiting the mother in law!!!

The Brits replaced the the L-96A1 (AI PM) with the L-118A1 (AW). The Aussies have the SR-98 which is an AW with a folding stock (AWF)

L-115 and the improved L115-A3 is the Brit designation for .338 (AWSM - arctic warfare super magnum) The Krauts have the G-22 (AWM in .300 win mag) Then there is the Arctic Warfare .50 (AW50) and for the Aussies the AW50F.

In English the Brits brought the AIPM (L-96A1) we brought the AW, the Brits realized they needed the AW and brought it then called it the L-118A1, we already had it because we were smarter than people who drink warm beer. They brought the AWSM, called it the L-115, fucked with it a bit and then called it the L115-A3.
found shooterready a few months before i found this website i like it a lot .cybersniper also turned me on to this book .pejsa"s handbook of new precision ballistics .the source book for riflemen. anybody heard from him lately?