Night Stalkers : Night Stalker Association now has a web forum

yo can you stop by the trailer and see if you can get me a few patches.. here in TRADOC they dont have any.. and also tell Ernie I havent gotten any news letters for ever... and I am a freakin life member..
yeah man. PM me your mailing address. Anything specific ya want? I just got my lifetime membership, so I dont know about the newsletter, but I see Ernie in the gift shop often...
yeah I need the unit patch.. about 3 of them I think OCIE you can get them from there.. go down to SOATC and look for a guy named Mark.. tall dude.. and ask him how his pup is doing?? She is about 3yrs old by now.. and let him know I said whats up. I will shoot you a pm in a min.
Thanx Swill. I use to be registered member on the other NSA pg. Wondered what happened to it. If you guys would like to add me my name there is "SparkChaser". Anyone can add me thanx Art
I talked to Tim about the website and they are still fixing bugs with it. And Ernie not sure where his ass is now but Mark is now running SOATC.. which is cool I thought he went to GP as black shirt.
They should post Night Stalker propaganda items (t-shirts, coins, etc.) for sale on the site. They used to have some pretty cool stuff.