Not so Lean, Not so Mean....Still a Marine

I never got the spelling down either, just mostly spoke it. tieng (speak?) Toi tieng titi............ For about 20 years when I got home, I did not think about it. When we moved here about 17 years ago there was a little market the owner were Num Viet. I can order some things at a restaurant, Pho So mo, Number One soup. As they say, Zin loi. Dialect that I mostly dealt with was bac biet. We were on the D.

I had some friends who where in CAP. South of Da Nang.
một trong những bia 33 với kính và băng và địa chỉ đường phố tudor một số
You guys were way to serious. I can tell you I was not near that sofisticated. A little Vietnamese a little hellen keller sign language and a few grunts could do a fellow wonders. Then again I was the ugly american.
Welcome home Brother.
Out financial adviser speaks Viet, I lost my ear for it. Sort of like a song my brother in-law taught me on the guitar, many years later it is something else and not as good as what he taught me.