Raid on President Trump's Home

There was a Chicago politician that got elected by using the legal system to bounce opponents off the ballot...
...that guy became president and hired a crook as his VP, the legal system is being used in an attempt to oust opponents from the ballot

or did I see that in a movie?
hard to tell these days
So the liberal media is controlled. CNN's ratings continue to take a nose dive because no one trusts them. MSNBC? Well haha.

But if this isn't outright election manipulation.

While having AOC on he says wtf, talk about someone who lies.

Then there's Maddow:

The cost to them as a news organization is that they're going to continue to be irrelevant. And guys like Rogan, Poole, Crowder, will all get massive.
US government=banana republic.

FBI=Domestic terrorists.

ATF=Domestic terrorists.

Fucking American citizens still playing identity politics like their favorite politician is a demi God or celebrity.

Folks don't realize that they are the enemy and that, they don't care about us.

Our founders are rolling in their graves.
This thread is probably ruining our "social credit score"
Or at least "IF" there was such a thing - which there totally isn't because our government is better than that - but "if" there was - this thread would be hurting our social credit score.

Boo, Orange Man
Hooraaay, Joe

...that shoulsd bring mine back up a few points.
"There is no 2 tiered justice system in America; no one is above the law."

Ex-FBI analyst with nearly 390 classified docs in home sent to prison for violating Espionage Act
Analyst did more than just taking items...

"Investigators reviewed Kingsbury’s telephone records, which revealed a number of suspicious calls. Kingsbury contacted phone numbers associated with subjects of counterterrorism investigations, and these individuals also made telephone calls to Kingsbury...."

Former FBI Analyst Sentenced for Retaining Classified Documents