November 4th(Civil War Outbreak)

Dude, I'm sorry you had to deal with those dingbats. I never understood why so many kids have such an attraction for communism. From what I've seen, most of those kids come from decent American homes. Always wondered what went wrong to have them turn away from the opportunity that our country holds.

Socialism sounds like a great concept and Communism is basically Socialism taken to extremes. You have young adults who are disillusioned with gov't and Capitalism, but advocate the destruction of the the economic system that has given them their quality of life and want to consolidate power into the hands of the gov't it dislikes. Madness.

Ultimately, every person I've known (small anecdotal group, I know) clings to the utopian idea of Socialism because it sounds great....and they won't let history or pesky logic stand in the way.