NSDQ OldTimer 12 - Intro

NSDQ OldTimer 12

Nov 9, 2010
As you may have guessed I am an old timer of the 160th.

Served with them for 12 years from 1982 through 1995 (yes its 13, the Army made me take a break overseas) as a 68D "Aircraft Powertrain Repairman". Was with the 229th AHB when it kicked off but due to reenlistment I had to complete a overseas tour first.

During AIT I always wondered why they were teaching us how to repair an OH-6 helicopter (I was in the last class to get that training) being it was out of the active Army inventory. I then discovered that there was a reason, TF-160 was looking to fill it's ranks.

So I am Proud to have served with TF-160 through 1/160 SOAR (ABN) and Proud of those who have, will, and do; no matter what MOS you hold.

For the new members to the SOF family, Always Remember the Fallen. NSDQ
I just knew Ravage would not take too long to chime in.

Super 64 Crew Chief, tommy Fields was a great friend all through high school. He is still missed..

Welcome again NightStalker, the beer is in the fridge, the food is good, the company is excellent, and you are among friends. So make yourself at home.