Oh Florida.....

Another felon, another case of the police taking a thug off the street, another case of Florida Man.

Only FM is the officers.

Video shows Key West police officers handcuff, arrest 8-year-old boy

Police body cam footage shows an officer trying to handcuff a crying 8-year-old boy reportedly with special needs who attends Gerald Adams Elementary School in Key West.

The handcuffs are too big for the 3-foot-5, 64-pound boy, but he is taken into custody none the less.

The child was accused, according to the arrest report, of punching a teacher in the chest after being reprimanded for not sitting correctly in the cafeteria during lunch.

Officers charged the 8-year-old with felony battery.
Florida Man and his Florida Truck do Florida things.

Polk suspect's attempt at fleeing comes to a halt after pickup truck partially lands on cruiser


Quote of the day from Polk Country Sheriff's Office:

"Austin's getaway truck was finished, but Austin was not. He got out and ran as a K9 team pursued," the sheriff's office post read." Suddenly, it struck Austin. Not that he was making things worse by fleeing from the popo. What struck him was two prongs from another deputy's Taser that stopped him like....well, like a pickup truck that ran into steel cables."
Heh, Florida is a really crazy state. I somehow lived there for a couple of months when I worked at <NOPE> But besides the madness of the locals, there is really beautiful nature and this is a great place for diving. I'm sorry I had to leave.
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