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Sep 8, 2006
Just a friendly reminder to all that people other than us read this board. So remember those OPSEC/ PERSEC thingys before you hit the Submit button.

Thank you.
Just a friendly reminder to all that people other than us read this board. So remember those OPSEC/ PERSEC thingys before you hit the Submit button.

Thank you.

As an addendum to Free's comment above - just because it's been seen somewhere else alone, if you post it with commentary or other items, you may have just created a PERSEC / OPSEC / INTSEC violation. Remember that intell is not just what's classified, but open stuff that is put together in the wrong way - a unit and a name, a unit and an area of Operation, a name and an Area of Operation, a unit and types of equipment, posting cool videos that show an AO, or people, or patches or equipment or HN / Allied units with whom you / your loved ones / friends are working -think about what can be gleaned from these items and think about your brother, son, daughter, husband, wife, teammate that could get killed because you inadvertently gave the BGs info that could be turned into useful intelligence.

This rant is over - back to you Free, sorry for the Hijack.
operations security OPSEC: [The] process denying to potential adversaries information about capabilities and/or intentions by identifying, controlling and protecting generally unclassified evidence of the planning and execution of sensitive activities. [NIS]

Please note that even some UNCLASSIFIED information can violate OPSEC.

PERSEC or Personal/Personnel Security can and does follow the same guidelines.
Thanks for the friendly reminders, guys. Back in the day it was "Loose Lips Sink Ships". Today it is being able to glean information from cyberspace. You have to assume that anything that goes on the net is pretty much the same as putting your writing on a public kiosk in the center of town, except that millions more people can see it...
One of the "perks" of being a Mod is I can see where someone posts from. We have folks from Middle Eastern countries and our own Mil and Gov that lurk here.

Please think about your words before you type.
Just a friendly reminder to all that people other than us read this board. So remember those OPSEC/ PERSEC thingys before you hit the Submit button.

Thank you.

Im assuming (not always a good idea I know) that stuff that is already in the public domain is OK, ergo, a book? There is a book I am reading about one of the nations more clandestine units I was going to mention and see if others had read it, etc.

Folks, this issue has reared its Ugly head again..

Might I remind you regarding the forum rules

Be aware of OPSEC/PERSEC at all times, the good guys aren't the only ones reading this board. It is your responsibility to report posts that violate either.

Think before you post. If your Unsure, Pm a Mod.

Have a nice day.
Ok, just for grins after seeing this post, I did a quick search for threads (not even the ones that are deleted, the active ones) that mention Opsec...

There are 54. Threads - I don't even want to count the posts.

5 are stickies or reminders (like this thread) that warn of the dangers..

there are 49 threads where it is mentioned in some other context, mostly from my spot checking, that it has been violated in some way.

Get your heads out of your 4th points of contact, people... this is not a new issue, and there are a number of you that have been spot corrected for the same types of security violations more than once, twice or three times.

The BGs are cruising the 'net, this board and others like it... as is the US Gov't - mil., intel, and justice...

Think about what you say, and if you are a member of this board - being a civilian, or a foreign national, or young --- is no excuse, it is out there when you sign up, clearly. If you have a question about a post - ask a mod, or a senior member of the board, you might get scalded - but it's better than being incinerated if you post a violation.

:2c: rant over, for now - I hope I don't have to post this again - PB might ban me for forgetting I'm not a mod anymore.
I'm going to bump this because I can. I reminded myself tonight that other people watch this site, lurk it, and see what we have to say. Think before you post. We're doing pretty damn good I think, but this important issue can always carry a reminder:

Good guys and bad guys read this board. Think about it.....

It has been awhile and I'm sure most of you will just ignore this as a Sticky is usually read once then kind of forgotten. However, I consider it my responsibility to bump this from time-to-time and add to it ass needed. Today is one of those times.

I lurk a number of board covering a variety of subjects. One such board is discussing a fatality. Well, reporters being reporters used the Google on their Internet machine and found the thread. They subsequently used posts from that thread without the consent of the authors in an article dealing with the fatality.

I'm not sure if forums such as this are considered in the public domain or if our writings are copyrighted, but I would like to remind you that while we are a small board Google can turn up hits on what we post. I'm not pointing this out to discourage posting. I am pointing this out so you'll choose your words carefully or at least go into a post with your eyes open.

I've had posts of mine from other boards turn up in some unsavory forums. It can happen here too.

Just be aware. Happy posting.
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Folks, just because a video or a picture can be found on another website does not mean it should be re-posted here.

If the video in question contains faces/names/Unit ID's of real deal folks still involved in the GWOT in any manner, please take a minute and ask yourself, if you were in the vid but otherwise protect your name and your face, would you want the video posted?

Cool guy vids are all well and good, but take a minute before hitting the 'Submit' button and think.

Since Jan 2018 the staff has vetted 118 new members as Verified Military or SOF of some type.

Seems like as good a time as any to “bump” this thread as a quick review/reminder for all.
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