PJ wavier question


Aug 11, 2010
I have recurrent corneal erosion. Here is a link of an overview of it: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1195183-overview

My eye looks normal to a doctor when viewed under all of their equipment. The only time is "flares" up is at night (not ideal for a PJ). I currently just use drops during the day and an ointment at night. It is usually not an issue at all, but very rarely will flare up.

I talked to the local recruiter and he said waviers are usually a case by case basis and couldn't really give me any insight as to the condition being wavierable or not. So, my question is what insight can some of you in the careerfield/evaluators tell me about the possibily of it being waviered, or would it even need to be?

Thanks in advance!
What do you mean flares up? I was reading the article you attached and from what I gathered the only real problems from it don't occur until later in life. Bottom line is its going to come down to the doctor that checks you out. He will have to make the determination as to whether you can perform all flying duties with your condition. He's also going to make sure that you're not going to be a liability. If the doc is confident that you meet the criteria then like your recruiter said the doc may sign a waiver. Or he may determine that it isnt a factor and doesnt even require a waiver.

I found this with a little interweb tool called google...if your condition still allows you to meet these standards then i dont see why you would have a problem imo

Eyesight Requirements:
- Standard: Must be at least 20/70 or better in both eyes and both correctable to 20/20 with glasses.
- Must have normal color vision.
- Waiver possibilities: If one eye is 20/70 or better and other no worse than 20/200, or if both eyes are no worse than 20/100.
- Note: PRK and LASEK surgery is approved by AF. Applicant must wait one year after procedure, pre and post conditions must be met. LASIK is not approved for military freefall.
Flight Physical: Must be able to pass a Flying Class III
Age: Must join Air Force before 28th birthday. If person has any military time, it is subtracted from his actual age, if result is less than 28 he can still join. For example, person is 31, but had 4-yrs active duty. Subtract 4 from 31 = 27.
Height: Min. height 4'10" up to 6'8"
Weight: Maximum weight (In compliance with AF standards table, however, maximum weight for jump school is 250 lbs.)

Thanks for taking the time to read the article. By flare up, I mean that rarely I wake up at night with my epithelium attached to my eyelid. It causes some watering and discomfort. As long as I use the ointment regularly, it is rarely an issue.

Thanks for the requirements. I was aware of those. I had PRK Jan. '09, and I made sure to get all the pre/post op conditions documented so I could get that wavier. My vision rages from 20/10 - 20/20, so that shouldn't be an issue either.

I guess I was hoping someone with that condition would stumble across this and shed some personal insight.

Thanks again for adding some clarification on the wavier process!