Review of SOF Structure and Culture

Serious question: If members of a certain unit commit war crimes and crimes in general is that not a reflection of the culture of that unit?

Yes. 100% yes. What's even more of a reflection is what happens when the unit finds out about it, and what they decide to do with that information.
Nor do I.

I want a SF commander like @Viper1 ; I want a Raider commander like @Teufel ; I want a G2 like @Marauder06 ; but make no mistake, I want to work with @Box cuz I want to chuckle when shit doesn’t make sense.

SOF is full of all of the above but their collective successes don’t “sell”.
Humbled to be named in such company.

I’m an optimist, and I believe we’ll reclaim our values and reputation in due time.

As others said, leadership and unit members have to hold each other accountable. What we do behind the curtain in our team rooms, excising the unhealthy elements, will bring us good in the field.
Man, I get what you're saying but I don't need to be personally acquainted with Bill Cosby to know I shouldn't let him pour drinks for my daughters.

Ultimately we all work for the American people and we have to treasure the trust and confidence they have in our military forces. It is one of the few remaining elements of our government that enjoys near universal support from our society. There was a time when special operations escaped the media's attention because of a now apparently anachronistic sense of deep humility and quiet professionalism. This gave way to an era where a special operations service component literally released a b-grade action movie with active duty SOF actors to get more likes on social media. Today it seems that articles about SOF misconduct now outnumber stories about SOF heroism. That's not a good position to be in, and the first step in Attention Whores Anonymous is admitting you have a problem. I don't want to be rude, and I know this will sound very aggressive in a social media post, but at the end of the day no one cares what, "really goes on there". Perception here, and in most things honestly, is reality and everyone reading this should accept and understand this. Most people here live at the tactical level of war where your capabilities translate into mission success or failure. Spend some time in the machine and you will learn that the DOD, and most of the government, is not really influenced by tactical realities but rather is driven by the almighty dollar. Unfortunately for everyone here, that spending is not determined by someone's shot group. It's allocated according to whatever our policy makers believe is important, or lobbyists convince them is important. Why do you think SOCOM has such a huge footprint in DC? It's not because they have great shoot houses there.

I know there are a lot of great SEALs out there. Several of my friends are there now lamenting all the attention these miscreants are bringing to their commands. Unfortunately these bad apples will have an outsized impact on the future of their communities. This is especially true of people like Eddie Gallagher who can't find a way to lower the volume and stop bringing negative attention to themselves and their brothers. There is no cross-examination period or objections in the court of public opinion. You go right from accusations to judgment and sentencing. The commanders of NSW, and other elements of SOCOM, are trying to right the ship and convince our policy makers, and the American people, that SOCOM is on the right track. I hope that the SCNOs and NCOs who truly drive organization culture realize this and try to help our their HHQ and not work against them. That would be a mistake and could have lasting affects on SOCOM if they don't figure this out.

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Serious question: If members of a certain unit commit war crimes and crimes in general is that not a reflection of the culture of that unit?

An individual or clique commited those acts, therefore he/they are responsible. If a commander or command staff covered up for them, then they too are culpable. But the Unit as a whole? NO.