"Tab Check...."
Verified SOF
Jan 13, 2008
Well my break is coming to an end and im about ready to fly back down to Ft. Benning.

The 5th is when I start RIP and whenever i get a chance I will keep you guys posted as to my progress. Im both excited and nervous....excited to join the ranks of the elite, and nervous because im not sure what to expect in RIP. Then again nothing is ever as bad as it may seem so...i think ill be alright. I know its going to suck...but the reward is well worth it.
Best of Luck and Remember .... It takes balls to step up to the plate.. You've already won no matter what happens. :)
Best wishes on your quest to become among the best of the best. No matter how tough it may get: never quit! And when it sucks the worst remember that there are a lot of men who would eagerly take your place if they could.

Keep us up to date on your progress as you can.