ruck question


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Aug 19, 2009
I know they still use the ALICE packs at selection still, but I'm in Iraq and all I have is a MOLLE. Should I just ruck with that, or try and get an ALICE shipped over here?

Also it's mostly roads around the FOB, should I just ruck at a faster pace on the roads, or add a little extra weight?


any other tips would be appreciated >:{
Just ruck man. Don't overthink it and don't overtrain. All you need to do is get your feet used to rucking, it doesn't matter what type of ruck you wear. Get some time in the gym doing good leg workouts using compound movements (squats, lunges). Don't spend your money on any bullshit that people say you should get. Like I said, don't overthink it, you'll do fine!
thanks JJ. I am a huge crossfitter, so my time in the gym is usually all compound movements.

going to ruck......yaaaaaay
On your flight to Bragg, grab 2 airplane pillows.

100 mph tape both. Use [ie...tape one] on your kidney pad and bungee cord the other one to the H - frame on the rucksack.

I just saved you $350 worth of useless ruck with a $5.95 roll of green 100 mph and 3 green bungees, $6.95, each of which you'll use every night in the Q.

Best of luck and keep us updated!!!!

ETA......I worked at SFAS for 3 years and listen to may see him again.
I won't forget, thanks for the tip. I will keep the site updated. As of right now, I am overseas, but when we get back I'm going ASAP.