Suppressor cover question

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Oct 13, 2010
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Guys I need some input. Have any of you used a suppressor cover to cut down on the suppressor induced mirage when firing your bolt guns? If so, what are your recomendations? I am looking to put one on my SureFire 762SS.

I've seen them used during school, my buddy in school used one. It helped a lot during the July heat. It helped cancel out the unwanted mirage when we were shooting. I'll try to ask around to see if any of my plt members have any.
Thanks for the link JAB, do you have any experience using them? I was told that it is probably best to remove the cover in between shots when possible to allow the suppressor to cool. I just e-mailed Jacob to see what he has in-stock as I have some training coming up and would like to see how well they perform.
When my team mate used it in school, he had no problems with suppressor over heating. Just shot it off once.
Yeah I have used it on a 5R 308, it really boils down to round count. If you crank out 5 rounds real quick it will help buffer the mirage, but if you run through a box of ammo real quick your are still going to get some mirage. It’s defiantly what I would call value added kit, but keep in mind just b/c you have it on there doesn’t mean you do not have to be aware of the round count/heating of the suppressor. I would recommend it…
I've seen a good one made out of .50 cal barrel mitts. You just need to find a good sew shop and may need to provide your own thread for the high temps. The extra bit of work might be worth the trouble for the $$$ saved if that's a motivator for you.
Etype, sounds like great field craft, but to be honest, this rifle is not deployed for duty use, mostly for suppressor demos and just plain having fun...I believe in the principle of when you can't be good at something, atleast try and look good doing it:-" So I'll pay a few extra bucks in this case.
Arrow, good call. The spray painted heat mitt definitely makes you look like a scrub.
The TAB gear covers are a great piece of kit. I have been using them since they came out with no issues and great results!