The FNG from Switzerland


Mar 18, 2011

I'm from Switzerland, I've been working more than 10 years as a police officer, special response unit operator and I'm now working in the Swiss Army.

I'm looking for networking with fellow military/police special operations members.

For exemple, I'm planning a trip to Israel next May and I would be glad to visit military/police units during my stay. Of course, I will furnish any official security clearance from my government requested. Does any of you can give me a hint ?
Welcome to the site. Just know that many of the people on this site are also members of another forum.
Hi guys, thanks for the welcome...

Yeah, fox, my acount was deleted because I posted before introducing myself... Let's put it on "the little Swiss guy from the mountains, who just discovered the web last week" or whatever...
Indeed, you're right, I did came back... I'm the "you'll have to kill me to make me quit" type of guy... I can't help it ;-)

SOWT, I preparing a letter to the Israeli defense attaché right away. Tx

And again guy's, thanks for the welcome, I'll try to stay quiet !!

Take care.