United States Special Operations Command Medal to Lt.Gen. Włodzimierz Potasiński


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Jan 26, 2009
May 14th, 2010. Admiral Eric T. Olson the Commander of US Special Operations paid his second visit to POLSOCOM. During the meeting with the POLSOCOM Acting Commander Brig. Gen. Marek Olbrycht and the soldiers of the command a very important event took place. The US Commander presented the USSOCOM medal that was awarded to Lt.Gen. Potasiński’s widow Mrs Marta Murzańska-Potasińska.

„This moment that we share today belongs to a strong and visionary leader and a great friend. It is my honour to present the United States Special Operations Command Medal to Lt.Gen. Włodzimierz Potasiński. Włodzimierz was clearly a leader of great importance and tremendous accomplishment. (…) Włodzimierz saw the evolution of special operations as an essential strategic capability and often briefed his concepts at international events and academic forums. His thinking on this subject led to the designation of special operations as a key element of Poland’s 2007 National Security Strategy for the first time. His vision was highly respected and it inspired other nations to follow Poland’s example” said Admiral Olson.

The US Special Operations Command decided to award Polish general for his outstanding contribution into development of special forces and the decision of awarding him was undertaken before the tragic plane crash in Smoleńsk.
The medal was introduced in 1994 to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions to, and in support of, special operations. Over the period of 16 years there have been only 50 recipients in the history of this award – and Lt.Gen. Potasiński is only the second of those who is not an American.

After the visit to POLSOCOM the US guests went to The Rakowicki Cementary to lay a wreath and burn candles on the grave of general Potasiński.





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