USMC Urban Sniper School


Mar 13, 2009
San Diego, CA
Does anyone know any of the pre-reqs to go through the Urban Sniper Package?
I'm trying to send some guys through the course. Does anyone have an idea of what types of things should someone know before going through the course?

Urban Sniper Instructor please respond or a recent graduate.

Where is this school located, Stone Bay?

What exact questions are you looking to get answered? Pre-reqs, are going to be the same across the board, for most schools of that type. I mean, it's an urban sniper school, so no offense, but you're NOT gonna spend a lot of time stalking. I also doubt you'll do as much land nav. My guess is that you'll do a lot of observation exercises, learn plenty about hides, do a lot of range estimation type of drills, and most importantly plenty of shooting drills from distances of 300 yards and closer.

But I'm just guessing, and I'm not a recent graduate. }:-)

Good luck.
"Back in the day" (2000-2005) time frame, your unit needed to be getting spun up for a float or a depolyment to get seats. Other than that, the 8541 or 0317 MOS.
A lot of military units send their snipers through the War Fighter course at GPS Sniper School in Scottsdale before deploying. I occasionally teach advanced courses for Bill. It's a good course.

Solutions Group International is also having me put together an Urban Sniper course for them to be launched soon.

Those courses might be options if the Marine course is unavailable or full.
Anyone Have any contact info on where to get this school or who actually runs it? Im Army now, so I imagine it would be much more difficult for me to get a team, let alone the whole section through, but the army doesnt offer anything more than basic sniper and SOTIC.