When will we have Victory.

I don't like Lou Dobbs. He whines too much. Go Fox News!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Back on track

It will be yrs. Maybe not in our lifetime.The GWT may be the issue that causes our country to fall from within. This may end up causing a second civil war within our borders. Controling our borders is one of the main issues in the GWT , that faces our country today.:2c:

As far as Lou Hoo? I could care less.:huh?:
This war is going to take a LONG time, I beleive the populace of the west is too weak menatally to last that long.

I beleive the generals are screwing things up big time, I beleive this is a direct result of the policy of politicians picking who is to be promoted to general, A mind boggling policy, fucked up IMO.

The military is not on a war mentally, let alone the civilian population.

Personally I think pres Bush is being far too soft, that being said I dont think he could be any tougher without the Senate/Congress etc... stepping in and stopping things.

All the cards are in place for us to fail IMO, that being said, I beleive we are totally capable of winning this.

We must 'stay the course' or we will face defeat for us or our kids.

We must change our tactics/strategy, I would start by fireing a few generals, get some fire eaters in there that dont mind losing a few guys to do the job properly.

I agree with you there! So much more could be done, but you know how it is.... politicians are running for office and need the votes! :rolleyes: When another attack happens on US soil, they will cry that Bush hasnt done enough to protect America :rolleyes: "we want retribution....but only for a few days...then send the troops home."