Who makes the best Combat Boot?


May 7, 2007
Twentynine Palms, CA
Im looking for a couple of great pairs of boots (money not an option) for my feet. One set for the field and for garrison (ACU Uniform).The ones Uncle Sam issued me, well you get what he paid for. I've asked and heard many tell their opinions on the brands they wear, and was looking for more opinions before I spend my $ on the latest foot wear and it being Junk.
I've heard:
Oakley-light, comfortable, do not last.
Converse- light, comfortable
Altama (Ripple Sole Jungles)-comfy, last
Danner GTX (Gortex)-light, comfy
Please send this thread your the facts on your footwear. Thank You.
I can confirm the shit about the Oakley boots, I own a pair of them... Very confy but after a few months they already start to go to pieces (I don't wear them often ever). Shame for the price you pay for it !
For straight out of the box, issue type, I like Belleville.

Otherwise, the most comfortable desert style boots I wear are the standard jungle style that I had completely gutted, resoled with a Vibram sole, and added drain holes. Very comfortable, but don't drop anything on your toes ;) :D

I own a pair of Oakleys, and they are comfortable, but I'd only wear them in MOUT type environments, at least for me. The other problem is that they are definitely NOT for garrison, not tall enough for the regulations. Of course, whether or not anyone is going to gig you for it, I can't say.

Haven't tried any other boots as what I have now works great for me, just don't have the need.
I see alot of our guys wearing Han Wags,heard nothing but good things about them,

Just wear your issue boots as a Barrack Boot.We get issued Magnums now as a Barrack Boot.
Yeah I can attest to the Oakly thing, Id like to add that your feet get hotter than a mofo in the as well.
Lowa Desert Seekers

Meindl Desert Fox's

Both are very comfy and light on your feet. The Lowas are my favorite. I have worn them day in and day out for almost two years now and other than the sole still show no signs of wear. Lowa also gives a mil/leo discount if you call the factory direct.

The Meindl's are great boots as well, but can be hard to come by since there isnt a US distributor; but for the right price the company will ship them to the US.


Wellco ICBs. Your feet get hot in them, but otherwise they are superb. Wellco also makes a traditional jungle boot. They will ship to an APO and their customer service is great.
Even when I was in the Infantry, the issued straight out of the box desert boots worked for me. The new Bellevilles with the Vibram soles are my favorite. It seemed that some of my friends with Oakleys seemed to be more concerned with form over function- very style conscious but don't last. I remember watching one of my Soldier's Oakleys falling apart on him over the course of a 6-month OIF deployment (he barely left the FOB) while my waffle-soled desert boots help up just fine.
After spending x amount of years in the damn things, road marching, ruck running, PT, jumping, when it comes to boots...it depends.

Climate, ops, exposure etc.

A couple of things I learned along the way was swell your feet before you get fitted to a pair.

Always amazing how comfy they feel until you're in mile 2 of a hump and all of sudden, you don't know if the front end or the rear is going to blow out first.

Socks. Anything that retains moisture is the enemy. And whatever your choice, make sure that's what you're wearing when you get fitted.

Sorbethane. Just make sure it breathes. Most sorbethane insoles don't and will create perspiration. The first 4 years I was in, we ran in nothing but boots. Running shoes didn't exist.

Couple that with all the abuse put on your feet, ankles and knees, anything you can put between the sole of your foot and the surface it's fixing to hammer to absorb the shock, your joints will thank you years later.

Trust me. Mine are shot.

Finally, take care of your feet, but don't baby them. Keep your nails trimmed correctly, but don't do anything to soften them up. Calluses are your friend. Your ol lady may think they're ugly, but ugly is good in this sense. :2c:
Finally, take care of your feet, but don't baby them. Keep your nails trimmed correctly, but don't do anything to soften them up. Calluses are your friend. Your ol lady may think they're ugly, but ugly is good in this sense. :2c:

I was told by an old soldier who was told by his DI during his basic, to only wash his feet with cold water, no soap, just cold water.
Has anybody ever tested Red Wings in the field? I've considered by a pair, they have a reputation as a very tough boot.

I wear them at the FD where I work but I would NEVER wear them in the field. They are tough boots, but can be tough on your feet too.

+1 on Merrills.

My feet seem to be happy with damn near any boot I wore. But one thing I think that helped was to take a pair of the inserts that come with running shoes and put them in the boot to wear.
Last 30 miler I did I tried the liner in the socks, and well.... lets just say my feet looked and felt like jello.
Black Oakley boots are hot, fall apart easily but hey are comfortable to wear for extended periods. The new 8" Oakleys with cordura uppers are supposed to be better, but I don't know anyone who owns a pair.

In Afghanistan (2002), my old desert boots with vibram resole held up well in comparison to the newer desert boots with the 'panama sole." Merrells held up well also.

All things considered, IMO, you can beat the old jungle boots with vibram soles. I still have a couple pairs floating around.