Yarborough Knife Assessment


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Sep 18, 2010
It's become obvious in previous knife threads that I don't know much about knives- what I do know is that I own a bunch of cheap ones and one that might be pretty good. Yes, you guessed it, that good one, I think, is my Yarborough knife.

So how good is it actually? It's been sitting in a box since I got it. I'd like to use it for camping/field and not have it go to waste. I plan on using it and resharpening it until it seems a bit tired, then retiring it.

Any thoughts? Anyone put theirs through the paces?
The Troll can give you a good run down on that particular knife, he has the inside scoop on it.
**For the record, before I get stomped on, I understand the significance of the Yarborough Knife and would not even think of attempting to attain one**
I don't use mine and I doubt at this late date I will. I must say though I like my 1st SFG(A) serially numbered knife better, as it just feels better in my hand. They are both made by the same people.
Ok... a quick rundown on the GB/Y...

there was a selection process by USAJFKSWCS to choose a knife to be issued to and used by graduates of said institution... of the 200+ submissions it was cut down to 4 or 5 (IIRC) true competitors... some of the requirements were - no longer than 8", the sheath had to be jumpable, it had to be durable, and it had to be completely American made. After a brutal vetting process the Chris Reeve/Bill Harsey design won. I have both versions (GB and Y) both have been signed by Bill Harsey, both have been used - But- the Y is now on a plaque in my office and will be used for certain things (Native American spiritual ceremonies where another SF medic uses my knife for offerings or if the zombies attack). The GB/Y was designed for hard use, and some of you may remember when there was an internet video that claimed it was not all that was claimed ... well, that video was not 100% true - one of the knifemakers not chosen by USAJFKSWCS tampered wit hthe knife in the videos to make it fail, and, well, he still had a hard time getting that failure (overheat/supercool of the blade to cause brittleness, then still having to use a 16 lb sledge to break the blade....). I own one of that knifemake's blades - it is a fine knife, sturdy, no nonsense, comfortable, and Bill harsey asked me to break it by fair means and hard use - I don't think it will happen; Bill has also aksed me to break any of his knives that i own - again, I don't think it's going to happen.

EType- use the knife, you probably have one of the S30V blades, the latest is now in S35VN (Chris Reeve helped develop the steel and it has some better features that I won't bore or confuse you with - check on ps.com for the knife materials science thread to get an understanding, then we can discuss it that thread is about 30 pages long). Get a good Norton Medium/Fine stone (grey/red) to sharpen it, or get a wicked edge system... I'm a freehand sharpener, I use the norton with good oil (lansky, norton, wd40 or food grade mineral oil), a Japanese Water stone (1200 grit), then a bench strop and green polishing compound to finish edges.

You can baton the blade on the GB/Y, or do fine work... the only knife I have that's better is my Spartan-Harsey Mod 1 #061/250...

did you know that your Yarborough comes with a lifetime warranty against damage or breakage if used properly? There have even been a few replaced from use in combat, because that's considered proper use... You are not going to hurt it... It's a tool for hard use, not a safe queen.

DOL Bro.
What's wrong with attempting to attain one?

After all, the only way to get one is to go get your long tab...
Well put. I will reword my previous comment then to, "never attempt to acquire without properly earning." I have put some serious consideration into trying out for the Green Berets, however haven't gotten past my lack of swimming ability haha. I can swim, but just don't have the stamina and required.
Only way you swim better is by swimming. Your post has to have a post pool and open lap pool time. Get in there and have the lifeguards critique your skill. Once you get decent at just regular swimming, and have been around a little bit, you can start working on swimming while in uniform, etc.

It's really not that hard.