Beretta M9

IMHO the two most hottest rounds going are the Corbon DPX and Ranger SXT ammuntion. Corbon uses some of the best powders and flash suppressants available with an all copper Barnes DPX bullet. You don't have to worry about penetrating windshields should the nead arise to do so.

Winchester Ranger SXT's are just flat out nasty if your on the business end of one their rounds. Once it expands, it's like a fleshet round. Very popular within LEO circles at the moment.
Ok, question. Flechettes, sabots... high velocity, armor piercing, and very expensive, but how do they do in terms of energy transmission and killing? Seems to me they wouldn't fragment or tumble, and so would not be good in every situation.

I noticed something from the non-combat arms side of the Army; the M9 is easy to use and and easy to control with little training. Doctors with little training could shoot relatively accurately inside of 30 minutes. Not so with the .45. That argues favorably for the M9 as an Army-wide weapon. Besides, all those fancy specialized pistols cost so damn much there's no way to pay for them, and no reason to issue them Army wide. Specialized procurement for HSLD units seems to work just fine (and might be worth expanding to more combat arms units as policy), and the M9 as a basic issue weapon works well also. I have limited experience but it's not a bad weapon, even if it is not the finest pistol available. Remember, this is Big Army doing the purchasing on a massive scale, for a variety of forces and levels of training, not a trained competitive shooter buying for one person with a specific purpose.
Excellent points made.

One of the things I learned before becoming a close combat instructor is that a hand-to-hand combat system has little value to the military if it cannot be taught, learned, retained, and readily applied in a reasonable amount of time.

I relate that to your point on the M-9, because it IS very simple to learn the basics, and apply (and retain) them, and hence appropriate for wide-scale deployment.