Canadian Snipers


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Sep 13, 2006
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This article is pretty incredible, and unbelievable on how they were treated. It's super long so I'm just posting the link with an excerpt.

'We were abandoned'

An elite unit of snipers went from standouts to outcasts -- victims, many say, of a witch hunt driven by jealousy and fear


Lying low beside the rifle, his stomach touching the ground, Cpl. Rob Furlong concentrated hard on his breathing. In, out. In, out. In, out. Deep, but not too deep. Slow, but not too slow. The tiniest twitch -- a heavy exhale, perhaps, or a breath held one second too long -- could jerk his weapon ever so slightly, turning a sure hit into a narrow miss. In the sniping world, where one shot should always equal one kill, steady breathing is just as crucial as steady aim.

On that March afternoon in 2002, Cpl. Furlong squinted through the scope of his McMillan Tac-50, a sleek bolt-action rifle almost as long as he is. In his crosshairs were three men, each lugging weapons toward an al-Qaeda mortar nest high in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. Master Cpl. Tim McMeekin, hunkered behind his fellow sniper, saw the same trio through the lens of his Vector, a binocular-like device that uses a laser to pinpoint targets thousands of metres away. Speaking quietly, both soldiers agreed on the obvious: take out the biggest threat first, in this case the man in the middle carrying the RPK machine gun. According to the Vector, he was exactly 2,430 m away -- nearly 2 1/2 kilometres.
Yeah... I think it would be different now. We have a new Government and I think people here in Canada are starting to accept the fact that soldiers are killing people overseas. Still a shame, the way they were treated.
Without Remorse, Without Conscience!!
The Military of any nation does this kind of crap all the time.
I witnessed this type of thing myself first hand, its disgracful and goes against all we as soldiers beleive in.

So fucking what if some one put a sign on a dead terr, who gives a fuck?!

Id want to find the soldier to reported the finger incident, personally...