How many Rangers can fit into one C-17??



The answer will always be: "One more."

Thought I'd share one of my photos from back when we were enroute to JRTC. Talk about one comfortable ride lol.


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Actually, that was much better than when we jumped into Afghanistan. We were on a 130, seats removed. We had about two squads of Rangers, and a few Airforce dudes sitting nut-to-butt, with a "large support object" behind us taking up all the space. When the jump master told us to stand up, the lower half of my body was completely numb from my kit being ontop of me, and the guy sitting in front of me...his chute, gear, and so on.

Now as we exfiled from the mission, everything that left the bird to include the people were put back in roughly the same configuration. To the rear of the 130 was a 5 gallon jug for urination purposes (since it was a pretty long flight). About half way through the flight, on the way back to base, the floor suddenly felt....wet. Now keep in mind the inside of the bird was blacked out. The first thing I thought was that someone sat on their Camelback hose. Wrong. Someone in the back yelled, "ITS FUCKING PISS!" We were laying in a combination of flight crew, Ranger, and the AF detachment's piss. Everyone was pretty much asleep before this had happened. Some mumbled the typical, "mother fuckers!" line, and went back to sleep. The other half just slept through it. I think that event, after several other miserable episodes over the course of that mission, made for one of MY shittiest days in the Army. That's aside from my six month Ranger School tour of course lol.
No, I jumped into Obj. Bastogne

Cnn does the same thing here dude. The footage you saw on tv for Rhino was actually video taped by a guy in my platoon, who my PSG volunteered lol
When they crammed us into a C-130 we were packed like sardines they removed the seats to make more room and we had to sit on the frame on the top of the Alice packs, there was only floorspace for your two feet jammed in between the packs.

The RNZAF (Royal New Zealand Air Force) told us they had the record of the amount of men they could pack into a C-130.... (unsure if this is true or not).

Ah... great, thanks wankers.
My skinny ass was killing me after about 15 min of sitting on that damn frame.

At least when we went to Aussie in a C-130 they hooked up stretchers for us like bunk beds so we could sleep, 15 hrs in a Herc is bloody boring!
yep, like I said I was completely numb. I had enough ammo to fight my own war :D
hell for the QRF for Rhino I had 1800 rounds of 5.56 link on my MAV...

Not counting the other 2k I carried in my ruck... we had like 1 MRE, water, and an ungodly amount of ammunition...

I regularily patrolled in the 'stan with 1000 rounds on me and 100 on the gun.

We didn't sit on our rucks, you'd sit and have it between your legs, snapped in on the floor. Hopefully your buddy behind you packed his snivel on the bottom of his ruck so you have a comfy ruck to lean on.
Hopefully your buddy behind you packed his snivel on the bottom of his ruck so you have a comfy ruck to lean on.

I wondered why you had me pack it like that...

What did we walk around in at the air show, when someone complained about the 20 people inside being too crowded and you laughed?