Brother Goose

Verified Military
Apr 3, 2012
My name is SGT XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX. I am currently assigned to , Germany. I have been assigned to C co 204 BSB 2/4ID from March 07-Nov08, then 1st Battalion 8th Infantry Regiment 3/4ID from Nov08- July11. I have deployed twice for a total of 25 months, First in Mosul from Dec08 to Feb09 then to Amarah Province from March10 to Feb11. I am wanting to become an SOF Soldier because I want to have a sense of accomplishment in life and want to be challenged in all I do both physically and mentally. I am currenlty working out every day and rucking with a 45 lb ruck on weekends. I am wanting someone to help me out with any suggestions on how to become more physically fit and mentally ready for any upcoming challenges which await me. If I could get a list of reading material to help me along the way I would be greatly appreciate it.

You might want to think twice before throwing your name out for the whole world to see as well as your unit details. I'm guessing SOF units generally frown upon that type of thing... ;)
G, Welcome. I'm a "Talon" BN alum as well. I'm sending you a PM. Good luck in your aspirations. It can be done. With the right mindset and the right work, it can be done!