Iran unveils new fighter jet

They modified their old f-5s they had..looks a bit like an F-18 but I would think not near the capabilities.
It looks like a cross between a T-38 and a miniature F-18... at least the twin vertical stabilizers.



Anyway, what has Iran got by way of Commo, electronics, weapons systems, pilots, training, and- of course- experience?


Its like giving a 12-year old a go-kart, and then sending him to compete in NASCAR.
Is that a JATO on its underside, behind its AUX fuel tank?
When it was first rolling on the runway it looked like there was a price written on the side lol :D

Israel's pilots must be eagerly looking forward to shooting these new ones down.
Rather bombs (russian ones?) or rocket pods under wings The 2nd looks like under fuselage, maybe due to angle.

From what I'm hearing; "when" the Iranians can get one of these abortions into the air, it's a crap-shoot if the poor pilot will be able to get it back down on the ground in one piece. Pretty much everything Iran brags about having of their own design are failures waiting to happen.
"Abortion one to base do you copy over"

"Abortion one this is base we read you over"

"This is abortion one, im fucked over"

"Roger that abortion one" lol
And their newest mockup contraption that's made out of plywood and hadji dreams:




best part? Look at that AWESOME cockpit. I haven't seen anything that advanced in years.. oh shit, here comes an American General Aviation Cessna 206 Stationair...


and the finale: The cockpit canopy made of a piece of lexan heated and formed in a bathroom tub with a broomstick:
That is totally badass and in no way does it appear to be made out of plywood and styrene. I'll bet it also comes with a -50% pilot lifespan buff...
The inside of that Iranian cockpit looks like it was made out of parts scavenged from an Atari 2600.
Where's the throttle control?

My guess is that it's hidden by the lip on the left side since we can't see any of the left panel next to the seat.

Worst mock-up of an aircraft I've probably ever seen.