Notice to ALL foreigners placing orders with Grey Group


Verified Military
Apr 16, 2008

We have 2 countries that are collectively becoming a bigger pain in our ass than it's worth to deal with you. Our new web store software will allow us to block individuals as well as entire countries. If you have questions about your orders, contact us, don't file PayPal disputes. Don't give us ultimatums. Don't ship back products for refunds without contacting us prior to the box showing up at the shop. We don't partial ship international orders unless it's a special case or additional shipping is arranged.

We have our own country's servicemen waiting for lifesaving equipment and although they may not be happy about it, they call us, email us, hit us on live chat, stop in the store, SOMETHING. They don't file 6-8 disputes a month. I'm not saying you don't have needs, I'm not even saying you're second class citizens, because, to be honest, you aren't citizens of our country, and my loyalties will ALWAYS be with my brothers. I'm saying we have TOO MANY problems with 2 specific countries.

France and Japan, you are one shitty order away from being blocked. This isn't an isolated incident, but cumulative of several years worth of transactions. Don't let your fellow countryman fuck it up for everyone. Realize the list of countries we already won't do business with is relatively long because of credit card fraud issues and because, well, we don't like most muslim nations.

This post may cost us business. I understand that. Notice I didn't say anything about the Brits, Aussies, Dutch, Germans, or ANYONE else except the two previously mentioned countries. We do appreciate all our customers, but enough is enough.

I suppose I should put a smiley face or some other clever emoticon to express that I'm kind of kidding...almost...not really....


Thanks for letting me bitch.

So that was Canada and Tennessee?

I hear there's a lot of credit card fraud coming from Tennessee these days. ;)

As a foreigner, I completely agree with this rant and I would never expect any special treatment for orders. It's a lot of BS for me to get shit across the border but I'm sure it's even worse for the shipper.
I am about to run on a quick trip through Japan and France. Can I arrange for some friends to order my shit and have it shipped there while I am away??

Nice rant. And Fuck em.
Yeah, and I'm gonna stop going to Miyabi and stop drinking French Vanilla creamer.
Thanks for the support guys. While I'm in the offending mood I might as well post this:


I was in France last week, I'm convinced it's completely populated by dickheads.

That second shirt is the shit!