Piston gun myths or realities ??

2 rounds in your magazine while hunting... sounds like you get some good magazine change training ;)

Especially if you're hunting boar.

hunting wildboar starts with the .222 rem its only allowed for boars who are not larger then 15kg. if you want hunt larger wildboars you ned a E100 of more then 2000joule and a 6,5mm or larger bullet.

the german hunting laws splits between "nieder"wild (foxes, racoon, rehwild...) and "hoch"wild (wildboar, rotwild, damwild) its a definition of animals form medieval times.

niederwild (lower wild animals) could be hunted from normal persons.
hochwild (higher wild animals) could only be hunted by the king and his lords, earls, knights...

that makes the differences in choosing caliber and bullet
low-> E100 = min 1000joule
high-> E100 = min 2000joule and bulletØ min 6,5mm

my friend use his MR308 for hunting boars in the field with great succses. he uses an schmidt & bender 2,5-10x56 on top a aimpoitn micro t1 and an head mounted night vision (this is the only legal way to hunt with night vision, its forbidden to mount on your weapon, but allowed when you mount to your head! germany gun laws suck!!!)

oh i forgot, the 2 round ragulation is only for semiautorifles, bolt operated rifles can hold unlimited rounds in the mag!